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Having established itself as a European centre for photography (Les Rencontres d’Arles each summer), the town is holding its first celebration of the art of drawing this spring.  (more…)

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Cultural Updates for Aix

A little rag-bag of info from the cultural world… (more…)

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It is usually difficult for people in villages to have access to swimming lessons which are so important for children.  Now the département of Bouches-du-Rhone are taking the pool to the people.

Here it is: (more…)

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Let’s hope so!

The long-running saga of this 18th century square is about to be resolved according to information from the mairie.  The ‘travaux’ should begin soon and will last 9 months.


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A couple of ideas here for the coming weekend. (more…)

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New York Follows Provence…

… by the opening of its very own immersive digital art centre, modelled on the success of the Carrieres des Lumieres at Les Baux de Provence. (more…)

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The departement Bouches du Rhone has 7 beaches with facilities for handicapped visitors who want a seasonal dip.  Special parking places are reserved for a small number of families who can use the changing rooms and bathrooms, beach chairs and umbrellas, then adapted wheelchairs that roll down plasticised carpets into the sea.  The numbers are limited to four families at a time who need to pre-book this free service.  Staff are in place to help.

What a splendid idea.  Details: 


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The last days of summer are being celebrated in Aix by a series of free concerts in locations across town. 

All sorts of music promised, between 19 – 29 August. 

Click the link for more: https://www.aixenprovence.fr/Musique-dans-la-rue-2022

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Visitors to Aix have, since 1990, been able to follow in the footsteps of Cezanne courtesy of 3,500 markers in the pavements and footpaths, as he wended from home to studio to painting sites…and then to cafes in town after a long day at the easel.

Now the Tourist Office have launched an app, based on their brochure, ‘Sur Les Pas de Cézanne’.  ‘Experience Cézanne with your smartphone’, we are invited. (more…)

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Following this post last month: https://aixcentric.com/2022/07/03/three-reasons-to-visit-chateau-la-coste-this-summer/ here is even more news from this ever-expanding arts centre which is just a 20 minute drive from Aix.

Visitors to Chateau La Coste are greeted by a splendid Louise Bourgois spider


Guided Tours:  now taking place daily, at 10:00 and 18:00, in English and French.

Two More Shows: Twenty-four watercolours by British painter Idris Khan.  Previously unseen, they will be shown in the Richard Rogers Gallery: one wall will show a work for each month to illustrate the passing of the seasons.  And…

Scuptures, hangings and paintings by Annie Morris (above).  This is the first exhibition in the huge new space that has been created by Oscar Niemeyer.  The sculptures shown in the photo are called ‘stacks’, the artist’s ‘joyeux obsession’. Made from plaster and pigmented sand, they are colourful abstract figures that seem perfect for this new gallery.

Note: The centre is open 10 – 19:00.  The five temporary art exhibitions are open 12 – 18.00.



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