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Provençal water jousting consists of a battle on the water between two people in different boats – the opponents try to push each other in the water with a lance. Lots of fun for spectators, as well as the participants most of whom will end up pretty wet.


It’s an ideal outdoor spectator sport for those who prefer to remain in the fresh air as much as possible.

The programme, officialised by la Ligue Paca, kicks off on Sunday 13 June at Martigues when young people from across the region will have practice sessions.  The competition proper starts on 20th June at Cassis.  Details:


13/06/21​ à Martigues


20/06/21​ à Cassis

27/06/21 à Martigues

04/07/21 à La Ciotat

11/07/21​​ à Port-Saint-Louis

14/07/21​​ à Istres

18/07/21​ à Fos-sur-Mer

01/08/21 à l’Estaque

08/08/21 à Martigues (finales)


15/08/21 à Istres (quarts de finale)

22/08/21​​ à Théoule (demi-finales)

29/08/21​ à Saint-Mandrier (finales)


25/07/21 à l’Estaque


05/09/21 à l’Estaque

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Bowling along on a bike by the Med sounds like heaven to me, especially when there’s no traffic!

That’s the offer tomorrow, 10h -18h, when 4 kilomètres of the Corniche, from Malmousque to David, plus l’Estaque Plage, will be open to walkers, skaters, and cyclists.  Lots of free sporting activities – things to try – and of course, food.

Food-trucks and ‘terrasses éphémères’

The trucks will be dishing up icecream, Breton and Mexican specialities, now there’s a choice, as well as burgers and bagels.

The pop-up terraces have been provided by ‘la Ville de Marseille’ as a free service to local restaurateurs and cafetiers.  What a good idea, especially right now.

Renting a bike

Click here for details; 1000 nouveaux vélos électriques en libre-service

Sorry for late notification but only just stumbled across this nice event.




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A Joyful Re-opening


Great cover there Télérama!  And welcome back to all who are finally opening doors tomorrow.  I know there have been big sighs of relief at Aix’s cinemas.  Here’s their programme:



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Just found out that the annual wine festival is ON tomorrow in the Bouches-du-Rhone.

Lots of vineyards around Aix have tastings and special activities.  Good open-air activity if the weather holds.

Programme here:Dépliant-comité-13-2021

It’s not on their website so worth forwarding on to friends to enjoy the activities tomorrow?

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The annual Rencontres d’Arles photography exhibition is taking place 4 July – 26 September, with some modifications: 10 sq m of space will be allocated to each potential visitor.  So they will be reviewing all their venues.  Fortunately they have the new arts complex, LUMA, to spread into, and will also be using gardens for exhibiting.  Actually part of the fun of visiting this sprawling summer show is exploring the venues, so this promises to be a positive and creative solution.

The Festival d’Aix (more…)

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That was the question posed by women who gathered in the Place de Verdun on Sunday afternoon.  As has so often been noted, in the town there are just two streets bearing women’s names: Marie Curie and Irma Moreau, as well as the place Jeanne d’Arc.  Time for a change!


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Fancy a quick visit to Ashkelon, Aix’s twin town in Israel?

The Aix-Jumelages association has linked up with a guide who will be on Zoom to give you an hour’s tour of the ancient town, with insights into its history and culture, and interviews with local people.  Thursday 18th February, 18:30.  Details here and the poster below: http://www.aix-jumelages.com/2021/02/11/visite-virtuelle-dashkelon-ville-jumelee-avec-aix/

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In need of exercise?  On 10th April, you can take part in a run around the Orange Velodrome stadium (home to Marseille’s famous l’OM football team) and through  the nearby Centre Commercial Prado.  Do 2, 4, or 8k, either alone, as a family or as part of a team.

Registration is open now. https://www.orangevelodrometrail.com/



Another opportunity to visit the Velodrome comes in June if you’re a Rolling Stones fan: their travelling exhibition ‘Unzipped’ hits town as part of its global tour. It’s previously been seen in London, New York, Chicago and the Netherlands, and after Marseille, goes to Canada.

So what’s there to see?

  • 400 original objects from the band’s personal archive
  • instruments, audiovisual material, diaries, posters and album covers; stage designs, iconic costumes
  • a reconstruction of the band’s first apartment in Edith Grove – this was famed for its utter squalor
  • a recording studio
  • a unique three-dimensional experience of a Stones concert.

June-September 2021.  Here is the website https://rollingstones.com/unzipped-exhibition/ which gives info on the exhibition but hasn’t been updated with the Marseille details. It does though have a video of Mick and Keith reminiscing about life in Edith Grove….

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Alaphilippe wearing the rainbow jersey as world champion

Great excitement amongst cycling fans as Julian Alaphilippe, the current world champion, will be part of the Tour de Provence; it’s a first for the race now entering its 6th year.

He had planned to be racing in south America but that competition like many others has been cancelled.  So will the Tour de Provence, 11-14th February, take place? https://www.tourdelaprovence.fr/

The organisers certainly hope so and plan full health safety-measures based on those introduced for the Tour de France. Their need for 41 hotels during 5 days would be welcomed by locals, along with the catering necessary for the entourage of 500 – as well as all the spectators.

The decision is in the hands of the prefect and is expected 5th February.  I’m sure it has to be taken so late, in order to fully measure and evaluate the Covid situation, but it must be really difficult for the organisers of such a large event to work with such uncertainty.

The fairground operators are in the same boat, waiting for a oui/non decision for the Foire aux Maneges which takes place each year near the Stade de Carcassonne.  Diaried in for 13th Feb – 14th March, it too awaits authorisation from the prefecture.

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