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Everyone connected with the Carnaval in Aix is thrilled that the event is taking place once more. (more…)

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Here’s a heads-up on the 4th Festival des Jardins taking place this spring on the Cote d’Azur. Having newly designed pop-up gardens is an interesting approach. (more…)

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Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel: The Exhibition brings 34 life-sized photos of his Sistine Chapel ceiling, one of mankind’s greatest artistic achievements, up-close for what organisers call ‘a never-before-seen perspective.’

I’ve often wondered why organisers of photo-based shows don’t duplicate them for multiple locations…well this one has.  There are 9 ‘kits’ and they are showing in cities globally.

The location in Marseille is the Palais de la Bourse down at the bottom of the Canebière  It is the headquarters of the Marseille-Provence Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a lovely building to be able to visit.

The photos were taken post-renovation in the 1980-90 timeframe and so the colours are very bright, true to the originals. The technology used for repro is by Silicon Edge Graphics which ensures you can see detail down to brushstrokes.

Admission is daily, 13.50 euros for adults.

Details here: https://chapelsistine.com/exhibits/marseille/#

I’m sorry not to be able to find an end-date for this one.



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I can hardly believe the brightly-lit kids’ Christmas carousels are already swishing youngsters round and round at the bottom of the cours Mirabeau, but here we are.  Your Christmas dates:

Now – Jan 2 Les Maneges de Noel – Carousels

Now – Dec 31 Marché de Noel – Main Christmas Market in Cours Mirabeau

Now  – Jan 2 Foire aux Santons, by La Rotonde

Nov 30 – Dec 4 Marché International des Villes Jumelles: Brits should get to the stall from Bath pronto to bag themselves mince pies and crackers. Outside Tourist Office

Dec 3 – Dec 24 Giant Christmas Tree and Dec 1 – Dec 18 Santa’s Letter Box, Place des Precheurs. Tree inauguration and photos with Pere Noel Dec 2 18:00hrs

December:  Nativity scene made with santons, outside Monop’

Dec 10-11 La Fete d’Huile d’Olive, outside Tourist Office

Dec 17 – 24 Le Marché des13 Desserts, outside Tourist Office

Website with more events:


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This is late – apologies –  I have been trying to get dates for this fun event for some time.

It’s the 13th annual ‘Village Italien’, held each November in Cassis. There’s an Italian market with lots of lovely food, wine, clothes, leather goods etc. Twenty stalls in all in the Place Baragnon.

And, like every year, there will be a parade of historic vehicles, Vespas and Fiat 500s, which will also be displayed on the esplanade Charles de Gaulle and la promenade Aristide Briand.

There’s also a show of photography and children’s activities.

Details : service communication Ville de Cassis au 04 42 18 36 16).


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Bach concerts in Marseille and Aix…the poster tells it all.

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A ‘One Day, One Chef, One Menu’ event is being held in restaurants throughout the Bouches-du-Rhone on Thursday 20 October. (more…)

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September in Provence, and the grapes are being harvested, processed and transformed into delicious wines famous around the world.

There are lots of opportunities to visit local vineyards or village co-operatives but here is a ‘parcours’ for Puyloubier, a village a short drive east from Aix. Situated on the lower slopes of the Sainte-Victoire, its vineyards are covered by the appellation ‘Cote de Provence – Sainte Victoire’ which was launched some 20 years ago.

C Dutrey, Provence Tourisme

Try a hike:  there’s a 2 hour walk around vineyards whose working practices are ancestral, all the time enjoying superb views of the mountain which Cézanne painted so often. https://www.myprovence.fr/ca-s-agite-dans-le-local/au-grand-air/micro-voyage/bouches-du-rhone/balade-entre-les-cepages-le-sentier-des-vignerons?utm_source=My+Provence&utm_campaign=34f31ca6e4-news-nature-20-septembre-2022&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_c72cda0555-34f31ca6e4-192003497&ct=t(news-nature-20-septembre-2022)


Enjoy a meal at Restaurant la Place: shaded by ancient trees, this bistro offers traditional cuisine with a Mediterranean twist.  Dishes are based on fresh produce, including fish, seasonal veg, panisses and desserts gourmands.

It’s a charming place (literally) to eat in the heart of the village and I have happy memories of eating there, especially as it is vegetarian-friendly.  At the moment, they are offering a ‘dernieres saveurs d’eté’ menu with delicious options.  Find out more: https://www.la-place-puyloubier.com/

or at Nico AndCo. Further out of the village, up a twisty road, there’s a restaurant that is perched on the side of the Sainte-Victoire. It’s called Nico AndCo (sic), and is part of the Maison de Sainte-Victoire.  This organisation is the focus of local activities and often has interesting expos on the geology and history of the area.  Thanks to Marilyn for these recommendations.  More here: https://www.instagram.com/restaurant_msv/?hl=en

Become a wine connaisseur:  visit la coopérative vinicole des Vignerons du Mont Sainte-Victoire established back in 1924 by local producers wishing to pool production. Their wines became well known for their quality as they always had been: it’s said that King René would only have rosé from Puyloubier on his table. Here you can learn the secrets of wine production and stock up at their boutique afterwards.

Stay at the Relais de Saint Ser : this 19thc farmhouse has been updated to become a stylish hotel, enjoying terrific views.

Take part in the annual wine rally:

A heads-up for this popular event on Saturday 15th October.  It started some 19 years ago to promote the various vineyards in the Sainte-Victoire area which had just been awarded its AOP.  It’s an attractive area which you will explore as you drive from cave to vineyard following clues – you do need a fluent French-speaker in the car.

Everyone ends up at a central cave or co-op where a cocktail dinatoire will be waiting, together with a bottle of wine for each adult participant.

Details: https://www.vins-sainte-victoire.com/fr/rallye-decouverte-des-vins

Booking essential as it quickly sells out. Apply online.  I may have left this annual reminder a little late this year. If so, apologies, and mark your 2023 calendar…

……………….and enjoy what the autumn in Provence has to offer.

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Over 50 years ago, Queen Elizabeth II came to Provence.  Here’s a look-back on what she saw  during her 25 hours in the region. (more…)

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A couple of ideas here for the coming weekend. (more…)

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