A room dedicated to Sandro Botticelli at Avignon’s Petit Palais was

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It’s hard to believe but this is just a 10  minute walk from the cours Mirabeau.

The Torse park is a wonderful natural area which follows the little river from the route de Cézanne down to the route de Nice.   There are ancient plane trees for shade and big open grassy areas for playing Frisbee, slack-line or roly-poly, and having picnics.  Unlike many local parks, you can enjoy the grass!  And now dogs have to keep to the footpaths which is so much healthier for all.

There are play areas for the children, a jogging circuit for the many keep-fit fans, and now a green gym which seems very popular each time I walk past.

Plus, in walking in the Torse, you are following right in the footsteps of Cézanne and Zola, who liked to hang out writing poetry and dreaming about their futures by the stream.

When it gets steamy hot in centre ville, here’s the perfect place to think ‘a green thought in a green shade’….




The ‘Atelier Ombres et Lumieres’ at Les Milles is run by Murielle Moutel, an innovative artist and teacher.  I enjoy going to a weekly class there and so can personally recommend signing up for one of her summer courses which are taking place in July.

Whether you like painting portraits, landscapes or still-lifes, Murielle always suggests new ways of approaching the subject, often incorporating modelling paste, collage, textures….good messy fun with some interesting results.

In French.




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So much happening on Saturday evening.

Here are a few events to choose from:  free entry in Aix to the Musée Granet, Fondation Vasarely, Musée des Tapisseries, Musée de Vieil Aix, Cézanne’s studio and Pavillon de Vendome.  At the latter, the local art students are, for the third year in succession, illuminating the façade and providing music, at 21:30, 22:30 and 23:30.  Students will also be acting out their responses to individual works at the Granet, who have a full programme, including dance from the Ballet Preljocaj at 21, 22 and 23:00.  http://www.museegranet-aixenprovence.fr/evenements/prochainement/nuit-europeenne-des-musees.html

In Marseille, there are plenty of events. MuCEM is offering free entry and at 22:00 there will be an open air concert at the historic Fort St-Jean which sounds a wonderful way to pass the evening with the lights of the Vieux Port and the boats passing by. https://13.agendaculturel.fr/festival/nuit-des-musees-a-marseille-2017.html

In Arles, it’s an opportunity to visit the brilliant Musee d’Departmentale Arles Antiques which sounds so dull and really isn’t!  Or the Fondation Van Gogh to see 8 of his paintings, temporarily in the town, or the Musee Réattu where there is a landscape photography exhibition and, on Saturday evening, a pop-up studio to take your portrait by the Rhone!  la_nuit_des_musees2017

And now for something very different…..sculptures at the Villa Datris near Avignon.  This is a preview as their new show doesn’t open  for another week (review will follow).  Sure to be stimulating! http://www.villadatris.com/

Why does strange fruit always look so sweet? by Johan Creten, at Villa Datris


This coming weekend has a veritable feast for Bach lovers.  This elegant poster has all the details!