Some well-known acts are in the line-up this year for the Festival de Nimes which takes place in the Roman arena, 2000 years old, what a venue!

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The Midnight Ramblers who have been covering Stones classics for 25 years will be playing the Salle des Fetes in Nans-les-Pins on Saturday 8th February.

All five musicians are French with an Avignon-born ‘Mick Jagger’ leading the vocals.  Will it be Satisfaction for the crowd?  Will there be Sticky Fingers at the buvette?

Just 10€ a ticket………a memorable evening for all.  Details on the poster.

Thanks to Julia for this info.

Brits Rock Bouc Bel Air

Rock music from the sixties to today, Mr Brightside to Sympathy for the Devil, will be spilling out of the Jazz Fola club on Sunday 19th January, 18:30-22:00.  The group vocalist, Londoner Richard Seaward, has come to live in Luynes after spending 10 years in Hong Kong.  Passionate about rock music, he has formed the amateur band, UndercoveR, with a fellow-Brit and two Dutch musicians.

One hundred tickets have already been snapped up.

Full details of the gig, with a map, are here: https://quefaire.net/bouches_du_rhone/bouc_bel_air/avant_scene_du_dimanche_undercover_116663016.htm

‘Les Pieces Jaunes’ , the annual collection of all those pesky heavy centimes is taking place across France right now, an initiative from Bernadette Chirac who has been championing it since 1989.  It has funded 15,000 projects to help children and adolescents in hospital, aiming to make their time there less stressful.  Specifically, it has created 2824 bedrooms for visiting parents and 60 houses for family-use.

This year, the charity has been transitioned to the care of Brigitte Macron and Didier Deschamps who will continue this valuable work.

The problem for the Aixcentric household was that we had accumulated such a big pot of centimes that it would have overwhelmed the little collecting boxes that you will see dotted around town in shops and post offices.  Que faire??

So this week I threw myself on the mercy of people at the info-desk at Carrefour who have a large floor-standing collection box but with a very narrow slot.  They gamely took on the challenge of posting them for me and for that I am truly grateful.   Chapeau to Carrefour!


This Week at the Cinema

It won at the Golden Globes and now we have the opportunity to see it – 1917, directed by Sam Mendes, and by all accounts an overwhelming experience of life in the WW1 trenches and behind enemy lines.

Also this week, the chance for catch-up as some of the top films from the past year are being featured at the annual Telerama festival.  For instance two films tipped for Oscars are on show at the Renoir, ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ (Sunday) and ‘Parasite’ (Saturday).  The latter looks intriguing but unless you are a Korean-speaker, you will have to contend with fairly fast French subtitles.  More here: https://www.lescinemasaixois.com/films/23e-festival-telerama

We were all saddened when the Librarie de Provence in the cours Mirabeau closed at the end of March last year – it was yet another in a series of closures of independent bookshops.  So  it’s a great pleasure to report its rebirth in very distinguished premises, Continue Reading »

First there was the Carrieres de Lumieres in an old quarry at Les Baux, then came the Atelier de Lumieres in an old factory in Paris, and now, opening soon, Continue Reading »