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Here’s a heads-up on the 4th Festival des Jardins taking place this spring on the Cote d’Azur. Having newly designed pop-up gardens is an interesting approach. Continue Reading »

Last month I read an article about the website ChatGPT which was launched last November.  It’s based on a ‘massive supercomputer’ from Microsoft and is designed to provide fluently-written text in response to questions, ie. it’s not a search engine.  Apparently it’s making some universities in Paris revert to in-person exams in some circumstances, but other professions are hailing its capabilities.

To provide content, it has swallowed up, I read, the contents of 8 million websites.  With more than 2000+ posts on Aixcentric to date, I wondered whether those were in there too?

So, I asked it a purposely vague question: Do you know anything about a blog called Aixcentric?

This is what it came back with, literally in seconds.  Incredibly impressive but with one big mistake!

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Just time to catch the Braderie tomorrow. It’s a time when shops in centre ville are allowed to let their special offers spill out onto the pavement for all to see.  It’s often winter stock that needs to be cleared.  Over 100 shops are taking part and not just clothes stores.

One trader described the situation as ‘catastrophique’ blaming a perfect storm of inflation, people buying on the internet, people buying more second-hand goods, rising costs…

Hopefully the braderie is good for business and equally good for bargains.


The Antiques Fair: This will be held on Wednesday, 22nd March, 6-18:00. Expect 35-65 stalls outside the Palais de Justice.


I had never realised there was a French title for one of our national favourites – Les Hauts de Hurlevent.  Love it!


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By coincidence, following my last post, I read in La Provence this morning that a 7-part series on Varian Fry and his network will be shown on Netflix. Continue Reading »

is ‘Mondes magiques, mondes libérés’ which celebrates the work of


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If you need a respite from reality, and don’t we all right now, I can thoroughly recommend this new rom-com, English title, ‘What’s Love Got to Do With It? Continue Reading »

Look out for collection points locally at the following locations –

  • Carrefour, La Pioline
  • Carrefour Market, Route de Berre
  • Géant Casino, Jas de Bouffan
  • Casino, Avenue des Infirmeries.