This is just a fraction of the lilies-of-the-valley growing right along the path, in my English garden.  ‘Ha…I could make a fortune with this little lot in the cours Mirabeau’, I said to M. Aixcentric, jokingly.

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That’s the choice this coming weekend (30th April) as there are street celebrations in both towns.  Continue Reading »

Following on from my post about Airbnb marketing ‘Experiences’ in Provence, I’d like to thank Rebecca for giving me a heads-up on ‘Guest in the City’.

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Village rummage sales in France are great fun.  Chapeau then to ‘My Provence’ for providing a roundup of events between Aix and Arles for the coming weekend: https://www.myprovence.fr/agenda-culturel/vides-greniers

Enjoy your holiday bargain hunt!

Following its launch in Paris, Airbnb is now turning to Provence  to market ‘experiences’ for holidaymakers looking for cookery classes, art lessons, or diving sessions, as well as their accommodation.  ‘We are giving locals in Provence the opportunity to share their passions and subjects of interest with travellers’, explained their director for France-Belgium.

Take holiday-makers for picnics in the calanques….

Already there are offers to lead hikes in the calanques, take people sailing and introduce them to the techniques for making rosé.   A dozen offers altogether which they say will grow…Paris now offers over a hundred with new ones each week. Eventually ‘Experience’ will cover the whole country.

Individuals simply post their announcement on http://www.airbnb.fr/experiences with any photos, and a price: Airbnb will take 20% commission.



Sanary is one of the most beautiful coastal villages and its International Rosé Festival promises to make it even more stylish next weekend. 


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On July 22nd, Marseille will, for the first time, host the Tour de France time trials (un contre la montre individual) and locals will have a great opportunity to see this next-to-last stage before the riders head for the final on the Champs-Elysées, Paris. Continue Reading »