…firstly for the 7-10 year olds who are invited along for workshops running each day during the hols.  There are threechildren-at-hc themes, Life in the 18th century Hotel Caumont, the Life of a Marquis in the 18th century, and a special guided tour of the building.

Participants will work on pop-up mansions.

popupMeanwhile a new art competition challenges adults to draw their own Marilyn, using their creativity, imagination and a range of different materials.  Prize = 300 euros of arts materials.

The Hotel Caumont progamme also includes talks – take a look on: http://caumont-centredart.com/fr/evenements

santa-luciaThere has been a change of location for the hot spicy wine on offer following the Swedish Carol service on Tuesday 13th December.

The carols take place at the Cathedral at 18:00hrs, and the glogg (vin chaud) will be served from 19:00hrs at the cloister of the College des Precheurs.  This is instead of the Mairie, access to which is affected by Vigipirate, the state of emergency rulings.


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The Musée Granet’s exhibitions mainly centre around Cézanne, with either his paintings or those of artists with very strong links.  In the case of the new exhibition, one floor is devoted to Olivier Bernex, ‘Rever Rousseau’ while the first floor galleries feature Henri Cueco ‘Revoir Cézanne’.

Starting on the ground floor, Olivier Bernex is a local painter, living and working in Aubagne.  He derives his 1011930637_3inspiration from solitary walks on the Garlaban hillside as well as the works of Rousseau.  His works are very large and colourful, and are accompanied by philosophical texts – his and Rousseau’s.  The Granet website says that he sees nature as a mirror of the soul, a space for projecting our questions on the mystery of life and as a meditation for the contemporary world.

See what you think….

Upstairs, Henri Cueco isn’t a local but has worked extensively on Cézanne’s themes.  He takes the outline of a famous Cézanne theme – Sainte-Victoire, bathers, Bibémus, l’Estaque and plays riffs on it – a black and white version, partially coloured with added texts, or deconstructed into component parts which are repeated across his support.  img_2392

img_2390Two very different artists and so an interesting double bill.

I loved the Henri Cueco works ideally hung in the light-filled galleries.

Bernex was a more complicated response.  His paintings are massive and colourful.  Some were very powerful and evocative landscapes; others just seemed too splashy.  I would have found it such a help to have a translation of the Rousseau quotes to understand where he was coming from.  Here is one of the more rbernex3estrained ones………

The Bernex-Cueco exhibition is on until 19th February 2017.  It’s 5.50 euros entry and that includes a ticket to the Granet XXe to see the Jean Planque collection, valid until 2nd June.

Details: http://www.museegranet-aixenprovence.fr/nc/accueil.html

If you’re in Provence, you will probably have already bought your little pack of seeds to plant today to mark the feast of img_2366Saint Barbara, and hopefully with some warmth and sunshine, they will be ready for Christmas.

The local saying is: Quand le blé va bien, tout va bien.

img_0017-001Mine last year was a bit straggly, surviving being in my hand luggage and then a grey English window-sill.

It’s a nice custom though and a special little piece of Provence for the Christmas Eve table.



One hundred chefs will be cooking special dishes for guests at 13 dinners throughout France on Thursday 8th

The 25 chefs cooking for 4 dinners in PACA

The 25 chefs cooking for 4 dinners in PACA

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