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This morning – another large tree being felled

Yes, more trees are coming down.  Three have disappeared from outside Monoprix, not the very large plane trees, nor the very new ones, but those that have been planted for a few years.  But further up the road, I witnessed the demise of one of the beautiful plane trees, this time outside the bookshop Goulard. (more…)

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The not-to-be-missed traditional Marche des Rois takes place on Sunday 12th January. It’s very well-known locally but if you are new to Aix, do make sure you get into town for this special event.


The procession, headed by the three kings with their camels, makes its way through town and is followed by all  manner of animals and locals dressed as Provencal characters.  It’s always fun, and Aix is usually lucky to have three camels as they are much in demand across the region on this weekend! (more…)

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A much happier Christmas scene: my photo was taken while walking past, December 2016. 


After the devastating fire at this centuries-old Aix brasserie, it seemed that fast action was being taken to find out what had happened early on 30th November: witnesses were interviewed and evidence collected. (more…)

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If you haven’t visited the Fontaine-de-Vaucluse, now is the time to bundle the kids in the car and take a trip over there as its famous spring is about to attain its highest level for 25 years.  The water, which was very low over the summer, is now pouring over the rocky ledge as it forms the river Sorgue. (more…)

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Dec 4 is the feast of Sainte-Barbe and the traditional day for planting your blé d’ésperance.

If you are new to the area, this is the mix of seeds sold in little packets everywhere in town for 1€. The custom is to germinate the seeds on damp fabric on the window-sill so that you soon have lovely green shoots. You tie a red satin ribbon around them and place them on your Christmas Eve table as a pretty Provençal centrepiece and to ensure prosperity for the following year. (more…)

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Such a great city with so many aspects that are truly unique.  If you want to explore Marseille, and its surrounds, from lots of different view-points, have a look at the kaleidoscope of activities offered by Marseille Autrement.  There are walks, talks, meetings, meals in out-of-the-way restos, conferences….so many opportunities to deepen your knowledge of this fascinating city.  This organisation really does lift the curtain and take you behind the scenes.

Here is the current list to give you an idea of their activities, some free, others with a small fee: https://www.marseille-autrement.fr/sorties

Thanks to Robert W for recommending this to Aixcentric!

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All of a sudden it seems that Christmas is upon us and Aix really celebrates Christmas in style.

Here are the main festive markets (more…)

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