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Sunday really is an ideal time to visit Toulon as the traffic is lighter, it’s easier to park and the market is in full swing. It’s a good market with the top part North African (more…)

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Did you see ‘Cézanne et Moi’ when it was released in the autumn?  I loved

(c) Allstar/ G Films

seeing the local locations but (more…)

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…not only is it a charming little port but the current exhibition on Felix Ziem comes to an end on April  23rd.

He was one of the few 19th century artists to make money.  Once in his favourite travel spots like Constantinople or Venice, he sprang into action and produced multiple, saleable small paintings of these popular destinations.  And his work was accepted by the Louvre in his lifetime, another exception.

He spent his last 50 years based in  Martigues and painted views of the port, the boats at sea and in ‘Etang de Berre’ as well as landscapes along the coast. Ever the Orientalist, he built a mosque with minarets in his Martigues garden but sadly it was demolished in the 70s.

Musée Ziem is also a centre for local paintings, just like this view of the Miroir des Oiseaux by Raoul Dufy, painted in 1903, but still recognisable today.

The town of Martigues is comprised of three ancient settlements – the middle one is an island dissected by a canal between the Etang de Berre and the Med.  It’s an intriguing place to visit and the waterways are lined with little cafés and restaurants.

The Musée Ziem is worth a visit – and it’s free – but only open in the afternoon, Wed-Sun.  As you drive into town, there are big car-parks on the right bordering the water so parking isn’t too difficult.

Here’s Ziem in 1910, still painting at 90!  The museum has full details of his life and work…in English.

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Even more to do this coming weekend with the inauguration of a  permanent installation by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei at Chateau La Coste. (more…)

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It is such a good idea that local museums are having joint adult-children workshop sessions now.  It’s so frustrating when it’s kids only and I can’t roll up my sleeves and join in the fun.  Chapeau then to the Musée Regards de Provence for organising workshops around their current expo-artist, Quirin Mayer whose work (see above) seems eminently suitable for stimulating children.

After a look round the exhibition, participants can experiment with pastels,

watercolour pencils, gouache and collage to make their interpretations at these sessions:

Wednesday 12 April: Watercolour pencils, theme = Mandalas

Saturday 15 April:  Collage, theme = La promenade

Time: 14:30-16:00

Cost 8 € (7 – 12 yrs) / 12 € (from 13 yrs) which includes exhibition and all materials .

Registration must be  made 24 hours in advance:  info@museeregardsdeprovence.com or tel 04 96 17 40 40

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‘Le Manege Magique’ is at the top of the cours Mirabeau, and that can only mean one thing: the annual bande-dessinée festival is starting. 

It’s the 14th to be held and each year it seems to expand.  This year there are 10 exhibitions running in various galleries around town until 28th May.  The event kicks off this weekend with a conference based at the Cité du Livre – 50 authors will be there presenting their work to the numerous fans who attend every year.  It’s a wide and detailed programme so have a look here:http://www.bd-aix.com/.

Expect to see lots of superheroes on posters around town.


And if you have children to amuse, take them for an unforgettable ride on a prehistoric animal, fire-breathing dragon or antique aircraft…all  part of the Manege Magique.


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News Snippets from Aix

Photo: Cyril Sollier
La Provence


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