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Two Aix Galleries Go Egyptian

One hundred and fifty-three treasures from ancient Egypt have gone on show at Aix’s Musee Granet, many of which come from the town’s own collection.  During the 19th c, there was a fascination amongst travellers for all things Egyptian, and collectors include Granet himself and town mayor Francois Sallier. These have been carefully restored and are on show for the first time in 25 years. The exhibition also contains items from other museums including the Louvre.

Also included, a mummified ‘varan de Nil’ which even the Museum in Cairo doesn’t have, apparently. My dictionary couldn’t help me with this one but it turns out to be a monitor, or giant lizard.

There will be a tour in English on Saturday 3rd Oct, at 16:00hrs, given by Emilie from the Education Dept – she is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide.  Details: http://www.museegranet-aixenprovence.fr/en/activities/for-adults/guided-tours-for-individuals.html

For even more on ancient Egypt, head off down the cours Mirabeau to the departmental cultural space just down from Monoprix, to see 40 watercolours by Jean-Claude Golvin. He’s a specialist in recreating scenarios of ancient civilisations and works with the Musee de l’Arles Antique. I have long admired his recreations of Roman Aix which are imaginative reconstructions of what the town must have looked like.  At ’21bis Cours Mirabeau’, Wed-Suns 11:30-18:30. I have read it’s open until 11 October but could close/have closed sooner.  If you have info, please share!

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Next Show at Aix’s Hotel Caumont

Just announced, the next show at the Caumont Centre d’Art will be a display of (more…)

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For all who love art or indeed are painters themselves, Aix-based Trevor White has written “Art and Perspective through the Ages”, ISBN 0999093347.  With his scientific background, he was intrigued as to how artists have strived to represent our rich, three-dimensional world on a flat, two-dimensional canvas. He asked himself:

How have artists represented our world over the centuries?

At what point did artists first represent the world in a realistic, natural-looking way?

What techniques did they use to help achieve realism?

Using famous works as examples, Trevor takes us on a journey from pre-historic art, through spectacular Renaissance paintings, to modern-day photorealism. We learn how, over time, artists devised techniques that produce impressive depth and realism on a flat surface. Next time you see a painting, especially a famous one, you will appreciate even more the genius behind the canvas.

Choose between English and French versions
Available worldwide, in print and Kindle formats via Amazon (France and UK)

Click for a short video sample on youtube https://youtu.be/D1HnMHVnBnI

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Jeff Koons for Marseille’s MuCEM

Koons with one of his balloon dogs

Next year’s MuCEM blockbuster will be a show devised by and dedicated to US artist Jeff Koons.  His sculptures depict everyday objects, including stainless-steel balloon animals which sell for stratospheric prices: ‘Rabbit’ sold for $91.1m.  Curators at the Marseille museum have invited Kooms to ‘dialogue’ with their collection of thousands of items. He will choose 200 of them to exhibit and produce 20 works inspired by them.  The artist has already been to Marseille twice to plan the show. (more…)

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To mark the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci, the Louvre in Paris organised a grand retrospective which would have normally been the highspot of 2020 for art-lovers.

But access to the 120 items (paintings, drawings, manuscripts, sculptures) was given to the cameras of Pathé Live and their film will be shown across France, 16-22 September.  Your ‘visite privée’ is at the Cezanne from Wednesday. https://www.lescinemasaixois.com/films/une-nuit-au-louvre-leonard-de-vinci

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The opening date was set for 2021, but after four years of negotiations, the Aix authorities have decided not to proceed with the deal to establish a major museum in the old Prêcheurs convent. (more…)

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Each year, there’s an opportunity in Aix to push open the doors of some of the most elegant and private-looking townhouses to visit their gardens.  The special weekend is usually in June, but this year, the Flaneries d’art takes place at the end of this week. (more…)

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Happening in September…

…or not as the case might be.  I understand that the annual Blessing of the Calissons, due to take place this Sunday (6th) at Aix’s Saint Jean de Malte won’t be happening and neither will the Sainte-Victoire Wine Rally which takes place each October but always had to be booked early September such was its popularity. Watch out too for a National Strike this month. (more…)

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Firstly the wonderful museum of Classical Art has re-opened: set in an ancient building in the heart of this beautiful village, they have combined classical artifacts (Greek, Roman, Egyptian) with sculptures and paintings inspired by them.  Superb.

Aixcentric post: https://aixcentric.com/2016/11/12/an-unmissable-new-museum-in-mougins/

Details: https://www.mouginsmusee.com/en

Then you could walk over to enjoy lunch at l’Amandier where chef Sebastien Zunino offers a midi formule or special Menu Musée, all with quite a view. Details: https://www.amandier.fr/home/home/accueil-ouverture-de-lecole-de-cuisine.html

And finish off with a wander round the curving village streets, lined with little galleries and Instagramable doorways, to admire the plein-air animal sculptures which are the stars of this summer’s Mougins Monumental exhibition.

Parking by the way is well-organised at the foot of this village perché.  You are whisked up to the main square and belvedere by glass-sided lift.  Mougins is just over 1.5hr drive from Aix, but so worth it.

A memorable day out!


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The gallery Maison Dauphine is celebrating summer by showing the work of three women artists who work in Provence:

La Bronzette by Cecile Colombo, local painter and potter.




Cartes a Pieds by Amandine Maria from Vitrolles, who enjoys illustrating squares and fountains in Aix.

















And Paris-trained Perrine Rabouin who delights in colour

Find Maison Dauphine at 14 rue du 4 Septembre in the Quartier Mazarin.  http://galerie-maisondauphine.com/en/

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