Journées du Patrimoine, the weekend when local history and culture is celebrated across Europe, takes place on the 19th and 20th September.  Here in Aix, the theme will be ‘Métamorphoses d’une ville’, celebrating the

Peek behind the scenes at the Pavillon Noir and the Grand Theatre de Provence

Peek behind the scenes at the Pavillon Noir and the Grand Theatre de Provence

evolution of the town from its Roman origins right up to the brand new buildings like the Pavillon Noir and the Grand Theatre de Provence, both of which will be open to the public. Continue Reading »

Here are the details of the Floating Piano performances in Marseille during the next two weekends, and then in Carry-le-Rouet.  This must be fun to see!  Thanks to Caroline for sending this affiche to Aixcentric.


Marseille-focus next weekend begins on Friday night Continue Reading »

And-Then-Design-Mana-Espresso-Press-Release9Mana Espresso was opened 9 weeks ago by two enterprising young britanniques, Alex and Ben.  Continue Reading »

Aix Canaletto Extended

venice canalettoThe lovely Canaletto exhibition at the Hotel Caumont has been extended to 20th September giving us all an extra week to enjoy these masterpieces.  See review here:  http://aixcentric.com/2015/06/01/canaletto-comes-to-aix/


Next up is ‘Les Collections du Prince de Liechtenstein’ which will run from 7th liechtensteinNovember until 20th March.  Continue Reading »

‘Madame, there isn’t a bottle left in France’.

That was the verdict of one of the pharmacies in town when I went in with my Continue Reading »

Welcome back to the blog! 

I hope that you have had a good, restful summer despite the high temperatures in town.  No such problem in Angleterre this summer! Walking around Aix this week was lovely – I had almost forgotten how blue the sky is, how colourful the market is, and how simply chic the Aixois are.

I had also forgotten how to eat in a pavement café in a Mistral, simultaneously hanging on to paper napkins, hat, hair, while enjoying the food.

And aren’t we lucky to be able to order ice-cream shaped like rosesIMG_9935take a bow Italian gelateria Amorino in rue Espariat.

But there are changes.  Continue Reading »