This is the lady advertising the current exhibition at the Hotel Caumont.liechtenstein  Her image is swinging in the wind along the cours Mirabeau, raising the question, as posed in the exhibition, is she a model of modesty clutching her little veil or is she an insolent minx?

The other question maybe is whether the exhibition is worth a visit?  My answer is a definite Continue Reading »


Access to the Hotel de Ville is now restricted.

Access to the Hotel de Ville is now restricted.

The link above will take you to the official town website where the details of current security restrictions are listed.  Among them is the fact that access to the Hotel de Ville is limited to official personnel;  this means that the procession after the Swedish carols at the Cathedral for spiced wine at the Hotel de Ville, December 9th, see my post here: http://aixcentric.com/2015/11/04/christmas-carols-in-aix-2/ is no longer taking place.  The carol service itself is unaffected. Thanks to Steph for this information.

General traffic in the cours Mirabeau is now off-limits and the 40 surveillance cameras on the local roads which monitor traffic are now linked to the security system.  Certainly from my own observations, the police presence has been considerably stepped up in centre-ville But the Christmas celebrations go on and the market and children’s rides are in full swing.Aix christmas market


Q. How can Netflix follow the massive success of House of Cards?

Gerard Depardieu and Benoit Magimel in a scene from Marseille, filmed at the Sofitel. Photo: Manon Gary

Gerard Depardieu and Benoit Magimel in a scene from ‘Marseille’, filmed at the Sofitel. Photo: Manon Gary/La Provence

A. By hot-footing it to Marseille with a film crew, Gerard Depardieu and a fast-moving script based on cut-throat local politics and the mafia. Continue Reading »

Would you like to make contact with like-minded women in Aix? If so, here is an event for you:networking


untitledIf you’re a fan of the Parisian bookshop Shakespeare & Co (read about it here: http://aixcentric.com/2015/03/05/world-book-day-2-shakespeare-and-company/), you will be happy to hear that last month they opened a café.

Apparently two walls are lined with novels and cook-books for sale, now there’s a surprise!

The menu is largely vegetarian and anything left over goes next door to feed the resident writers who are allowed to sleep in the bookstore while on their novels. In the spring, they plan to sell picnic baskets so you can eat by the Seine – they will contain wine, cheese and a short story!

Read more in the article from The Guardian: http://www.theguardian.com/travel/2015/oct/28/paris-bookshop-shakespeare-and-company-opens-cafe?CMP=ema_1195




pirate restoPirates Paradise in Montpellier is a bit of a way from Aix, perhaps, but La Belle Fille Aixcentric went recently with sister and offspring and they all had a great time.  So perhaps worth noting if you are in that area, or visiting the aquarium, with the family or with grandchildren.

As you can see in the photo, it’s all themed in style and there is a big soft play area for the kids.

The menus are family-friendly as you would expect – pizzas, pasta, burgers and so on. Simple fare I heard but well-cooked.

Details here: http://www.pirates-paradise.fr/restaurant-odysseum/le-concept/

There are also animations: the restaurant goes dark and there are lots of satisfying bangs from the cannon  and fireworks during a mock-pirate attack.

By the way, if you sign up for their newsletter via their website, you get a 20% off voucher for your visit.fireworks



photo…Not a title I thought I would ever write, considering the habitual animosity between PSG and l’OM, the two football teams.  How moving then to see this banner, put up by the Marseille supporters.