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Only just stumbled across this information: in light of the increasing amount of anti-Semitic behaviour, the authorities at the Camp des Milles have declared free entry this weekend.

So it is open all day tomorrow (Sunday) 10-19:00.


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PACA Packed off?

Travelling through Marseille Airport last week, my eye was caught by a revolving poster telling us firmly that we are no longer in PACA but in the new destination Région Sud.


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Aix on TV


A documentary about Aix, ‘La Florence Provencale’, will be shown on France 3, Sunday 3rd Feb, 12:55.  Looks interesting:


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Palm trees at Saint-Cyr

Oh dear.  Those wonderful palm trees that for most of us are the essence of Riviera chic are under threat.  It comes from what The Times has called a ‘ruthless invader’.  It’s the 42mm long red palm weevil which arrived in France in 2006 on some palms which came in from Egypt. (more…)

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La Rotonde, newly part-pedestrianised and illuminated for Christmas

Santons scene from the chalet in the cours Mirabeau

That’s it now until the New Year.  I hope you have a happy Christmas and wish you all the best in 2019!

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Who Shot the TGV?

That’s the question for the investigators following an incident near Avignon.  A bullet went clean through (more…)

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After a couple of gloomy posts about things closing, it’s good to be able to welcome a new enterprise: BRUT, is a spacious restaurant which opened in the place des Tanneurs last month to offer an interesting menu ofassiettes‘ for diners to combine and enjoy. (more…)

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