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Finally got myself to Venelles to try out the Centre Aquatique Sainte Victoire …and had a lovely swim, once I’d figured out what to do with my ticket (goes in metro-style gate), how to negotiate the ‘zone de déchaussage’, how to work the key-pads on the lockers and finally how to find the pool itself (lots of doors, nearly ended up in the gents). (more…)


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As we move close to Twelfth Night and the de-Christmasing of home and hearth, it is good to know that there is somewhere to send your old Christmas cards. It always seems such a shame to throw them in the recycling skip (though not if they contain glitter, I now know!).

The organisation Women in Prison are asking for your cards: ‘Please, just cut off the fronts, we reuse them for craft card-making workshops for women in prison to send to their children and family in the run up to Christmas’.  Here is their website which has details of other craft items they need to help nourish creativity in their midst: http://www.womeninprison.org.uk/about/donate.php.

Address: Women in Prison, 2nd Floor, Elmfield House,
5 Stockwell Mews, London, SW9 9GX

Thank you to Sophie for this tip.

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On Wednesday 13th December, the Club du 7e Etage will meet for luncheon and a roundtable discussion of “theatrical creativity” led by CNRS researcher, Cédric Parizot.

Organiser Peter Gillespie writes: ‘Cédric Parizot, is interested in “political theatre” and the dynamics of co-creation, most recently co-writing theatrical productions at the Aix-en-Provence school for the circus arts, CIAM (Centre International des Arts en Mouvement) and in Arles, where he co-wrote with theatre director, Vincent Berhault, a play entitled Entre. Cirque Anthropologique.  Cédric is a member of the Board of the Aix-Marseille University Institute for Advanced Research, IMéRA (Institut Méditerranéen pour la Recherche Avancé), a conscious effort to reproduce the creative synergies of the Princeton University Institute for Advanced Study, a concept of residency and co-creation that matches high level scientists with working artists.

As an anthropologist and political scientist, Cédric is interested in exploring the creative spaces that sometimes are called up when logical systems are confronted. His professional interests began with a focus on  “political” and “anthropological”  interaction in Palestine in the context of Israel-Palestine security and lifestyle confrontations. As a researcher working in a Mediterranean context his work also deals with the kinds of confrontations created by jobs- and adventure-starved sub-Saharan Africans who will risk everything for a chance at riches and fame in the European promised land. Or again, the confrontations at the heart of democratic society, that drive social relations between communities of collective consciousness, that bind individuals and create social integration. These social relations form the basis for the social contract that guarantees group cohesion and social peace. Democratic governance is ultimately responsible for the presence or absence of social dialogue but it is society that must answer for the absence of dialogue, a perfect background for political theatre.

Venue:  The December luncheon will be hosted at the Bio-Coop La Coumpagnié, a “whole foods” grocery that offers a cafeteria-style buffet prepared and served by dedicated staff.  Attendees will gather at noon, be seated for lunch at 12h30 and open the session for discussion at 13h00.

Directions: To get to the Bio-coop, exit the D9 (divided highway to Vitrolles) at La Pioline. At the exit roundabout, turn right onto Avenue Guillaume du Vair (the main strip on the Pioline shopping district). Exit the next roundabout, (in front of the Volkswagen dealership) at the third exit. Cross over the Arc River to the next roundabout. Take a right and follow Avenue du Camp de Menthe for about 400 meters. You will find La Coumpagnié on the left hand side. There is plenty of parking on site.

Reserving your place: Please confirm your attendance with a short e-mail to Peter (p.gillespie@wordcraft.pro).

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Cruise News

Visiting Marseille, MSC Meriviglia

It’s been a bumper weekend for cruise ships in Marseille with 45,000 (more…)

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‘Quel Amour’ is the theme for a major cultural festival opening in Marseille on Valentine’s Day, 14th Feb 2018.


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News about French Grammar!

‘The Times’ on Saturday had a fascinating article about a stand-off in the world of French linguistics which is pitting  gender-neutral campaigners against the strict traditionalists.

‘Ecriture inclusive’ has been launched to stop the masculine gender dominating written French.  It has been backed by the department for equal rights which calls the masculine ending ‘sexual tyranny’.  So, a middle dot would be included to make the word gender-neutral.  Talking about a group of friends for instance, the French call them ‘amis’ if one male is involved.  ‘Amies’ is only used when the group is all-female.  The new method would use the term ami.e.s.  (Sorry WordPress won’t let me do ‘middle-dots’ ….yet!)

Here are some other examples which I have pasted  in:

intellectuel  intellectuelle  intellectuel·le
 musicien  musicienne  musicien·ne
 représentés  représentées  représenté·e·s


Maybe it is catching on as President Macron’s En Marche party have just adopted the slogan ‘Vos député.e.s en marche’.  And apparently next year keyboards will be available with a middle-dot key.

Interested?  Read more  here: http://www.lemonde.fr/societe/article/2017/10/07/egalite-femmes-hommes-l-ecriture-dite-inclusive-un-sujet-qui-divise_5197770_3224.html






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If you fancy a day with a difference in Avignon, the annual ‘Parcours de l’Art’ has just begun.

This trail takes visitors around 11 locations in the old town to see the work of 30 artists. It’s the 23rd time this festival has taken place and is growing in popularity. Until 22nd October.

Details and downloadable programme here: https://www.parcoursdelart.com/



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