This weekend, all across the region, vineyards are welcoming visitors with their picnics, to sample their wines.  They provide tables and chairs, animations and/or guided tours. Reservations needed. https://www.vigneron-independant.com/

Enjoy the holiday weekend!


There’s a new installation nearing completion on the Digue du Large – that’s the long breakwater/jetty which stretches out from MuCEM across the docks area at La Joliette. Continue Reading »

A busy weekend coming up with –

An ultra-stylish décor exhibition

Open gardens across the south of France

and a Festival for Aix’s talented children.

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Have you visited the Musée Fernand Léger at Biot?  It’s the only museum in the world dedicated to this major 20th century artist who lived and worked in the town.  It is also one of the few Musées Nationales de France dedicated to a single artist.  Continue Reading »

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Fresh from its outing at Cannes, Rocketman opens this week in Aix with showers of sparkle, terrific choreography and of course some great music. Continue Reading »

If you’ve ever wanted to do a course orchestrated by a top French chef, now is your chance, though you will have to share the experience with 999 other cooks.  Lionel Levy of the Intercontinental Marseille Hotel Dieu will be demonstrating live as part of the ‘MPG2019, l’année de la Gastronomie en Provence’. 1000 participants will be helped by 25 chefs in preparing dishes which are, for the time being, a secret.  Not sure how it will work but it promises to be an experience!


Date: 28th June, 18;00

Cost: 5€

Here’s the link  if you fancy joining in: https://www.weezevent.com/le-plus-grand-cours-de-cuisine-etoile-2