The excellent ‘Network Provence’ group for women is meeting in Aix this month and the programme includes Gaelle Baptist an English-speaking French lawyer who will be doing a mini presentation. Her expertise is as follows civil and commercial contracts, consumer law (problems linked to purchases of goods and services). Topics will include… Continue Reading »

‘Yorgos Lanthimos’s tragicomedy set in the court of Queen Anne boasts daring performances from its three female stars and lashings of lust, intrigue and deceit’….Mark Kermode in the Guardian.  The film has 10 Oscar nominations and Olivia Colman has already bagged a Golden Globe for her turn as the monarch. Continue Reading »

Earlier in the week, I watched as a large platane was taken down near Michel’s and the café Roi Rene at the top of the cours Mirabeau.   Difficult to get close because of the safety barriers, but it did look like there were significant holes in the trunk.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, trees have been attacked by chancre coloré which means that they, and others in a 30m radius, have to be removed.

Out for a walk this morning, now the rain has stopped, I counted the number of original trees left in the cours Mirabeau, with startling results. Continue Reading »

If you are visiting the museums at Palais Longchamp, there is a warm and friendly traditional Marseille bar right opposite.  The Comptoir Longchamp has everything a local French bar should:

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It’s  most unusual for one person to  have 5 exhibitions in 5 different Marseille museums simultaneously, but then Sophie Calle is an unusual person.  She’s a French writer, film-maker and photographer, who has exhibited world-wide and has represented France at the Venice Biennale. Continue Reading »

The works of Chagall are the inspiration for a series of workshops for children in the school holidays 9-24th Feb.

At the Hotel Caumont Centre d’Art; ages 6-11; 13€.

Details: https://www.caumont-centredart.com/fr/visite-atelier-autour-lexposition-chagall

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Meanwhile there is a new series of Saturday workshops over at Chateau Lacoste in what looks like an interesting programme.  25€ for child and parent:  https://www.billetweb.fr/ateliers-arts-archi

I was fascinated to learn, when researching my book ‘Aix-en-Provence, the Inside Story’, that the concierge at the Hotel Caumont led a dangerous life, heavily involved with the Resistance, even allowing them to carry out weapons training in the basement.  She was Helene Ardevol and her bravery is commemorated with a plaque beside the main gates.

Visuel : Jeannot Juès et Aimé Ardevol en 1944 sur les marches de l’Hôtel de Caumont – D.R. Photo Odette Ardevol.

On Friday evening, the actions of the Aix Resistance will be the subject of a talk, which will include the testimony of Jean-Marie Juès, one of those young people involved.

Friday 1st Feb, 18:30https://www.caumont-centredart.com/fr/carte-blanche