Plage Notre-Dame, one of Europe’s top beaches…at Porquerolles

If you are relaxing tomorrow afternoon, Sunday 9th Feb, the excellent documentary series Thalassa is featuring two places not far from Aix.  The first half hour looks at Toulon, specifically its naval base, Europe’s  largest. The base for France’s air-craft carriers and 6 nuclear submarines, over 23,000 people work there.  Then the focus shifts to the lovely island of Porquerolles where a couple from Marseille have been renovating a fort.  15:15-16:15. https://france3-regions.francetvinfo.fr/provence-alpes-cote-d-azur/var/toulon/thalassa-ce-dimanche-vous-fait-decouvrir-base-navale-toulon-porquerolles-1783967.html

This old post-card of the Halle aux Graines was a new addition to my collection.  I was firstly surprised how run-down the building was but then intrigued to spot a poster in a ground-floor window relating to Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show of all things!  What was the background to this unexpected visitor to town? Continue Reading »

It’s five months since the new Aixpress bus service was finally launched, with a rather hefty price tag of 99.2m euros.  What are the results so far, and what do locals make of it? Continue Reading »

Here’s a addition to my recent post on healthy snacks, Le Pokebowl serves, Continue Reading »

It’s a year since the Cours Sextius was so suddenly closed to traffic: the inhabitants of numbers 90-98 were given just half an hour to collect what belongings they could, and leave their homes which were in danger of imminent collapse. Continue Reading »

Chateau Lacoste has built a collection of world-class art and architecture over the past few years, a prestigious spot indeed for local students to show their work: the exhibition, ‘Briser La Glace’ has

The beautiful Tadao Ando restaurant at Chateau Lacoste. A memorable spot for lunch.

been created by young artists from the Aix School of Art.

“The works by these young artists are very avant-garde, not the usual pretty pictures to hang over the couch. Admittedly not everyone’s cup of tea but extremely interesting. They are beautifully installed in the gallery next to the wine tasting locale”, commented local art specialists who visited at the weekend.

Details here: EXPO_LA_COSTE_AIX_DP

Briser La Glace is open daily until 16th February

Thanks to J and B for sending this info to Aixcentric.

IAU Lecture series

The Institute for American Universities has just released details of its free spring lectures, all delivered by subject specialists.  The series kicks off 11th February.

Click here for details: lectures spring 20