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IMG_5478MUCEM’s first exhibitions both end on 6th January and the programme for 2014 has been announced.  From 11th March, there will be an expo on Volubilis, an ancient town which became an outpost of the Roman empire near Meknes in Morocco. Bronzes from the museum in Rabat will be brought over to Marseille where they will be shown alongside exhibits from museums in France.  To complement this, works from contemporary Moroccan artists will be exhibited in the Fort St Jean.

The second expo will open on 25th March and is entitled: ‘Le Monde a l’Envers, Carnavals et Mascarades d’Europe et de Méditerranée’. It will trace the significance of the Carnaval in the region and illustrate its historical roots with costumes, photos, films and paintings since it has inspired many artists.

Then from 21st October, ‘Sur les Chemins d’Odessa’ will focus on the history of the town from its inception until the end of the 19th century; and an exhibition entitled ‘Food’, which has been showing in Geneva and is currently in Italy, will be coming to MUCEM.

All very esoteric.

This point was put to Bruno Suzzarelli, the president of MUCEM by La Provence in a recent interview. The new museum has of course been a massive success – France 3 said that there have been 2.5 million visitors so far this year; but while the building and its incomparable site have won plaudits, the contents have been less popular.  M Suzzarelli explained that the museum’s function is to display broad social themes rather than the work of one particular artist which is what the public are used to.  He feels that there is value in this different approach because it raises questions in the visitors’ minds;  and this approach he says will continue.

So prepare to be challenged at MUCEM next year!




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