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affiche_visagesTwo new shows to visit in Marseille which is great as all has been quiet since the MP2013 Year of Culture’s final fireworks sank into the Vieux Port.  I was very much looking forward to ‘Visages Picasso Magritte Warhol…’ as I love spending time (more…)

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A world away from the noisy travaux which are turning the Vieux Port roads into a pedestrianised zone, the Panier, Marseille’s oldest quartier is quietly blossoming with creative talent.

The stone steps leading visitors up between the ancient narrow buildings are worn and shiny in the spring sun. Children spill out on to doorsteps and washing dries in the warm air.

 Opposite the Vieille Charité where the Hundertwasser exhibition attracted over 4,000 people in its first 3 days of opening (see separate post), there is a square which is attracting more and more small cafés and informal restos; it’s a great place to try that Marseille speciality panisse – a deep-fried chick-pea burger. 

Le Panier Gourmand adds them to most of the lunch dishes – I tried them with a provençale salad and a welcome glass of red wine.  Served with lots of fresh bread and followed by coffee, it came to around 15€.

Elsewhere there are little pottery shops run by local artists, a savonnerie, and a shop selling soaps and promotional ephemera from the industry which was such a wealth-generator for Marseille for centuries.  It’s a wonderful area to sit in the sun, enjoy, explore and drink in the atmosphere. It really is like nowhere else.  The tourist office have maps and there is a petit-train to take the elderly or the little ones up all those steep streets.  Whichever way you get there, it’s a step out of time and worth discovering.


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