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Saturday, 19thMay, brings the annual Nuit des Musées event and most of the museums in Aix will be open from 20:00-01:00hrs.  It usually a fun evening with music and crowds of people doing the rounds.  Here is the leaflet describing the event – dépliant

Sunday sees the pedestrianisation of the Route Cézanne which leads from the Torse along to Le Tholonet.  It’s a super opportunity to bike along the road without being bothered by cars – we did this one year and took a picnic. If you start from Le Tholonet there are a couple of large car parks which will be free.  Hikers and bikers will be entertained by  le quintette à vent de Marseille and jazz and blues musicians.  If rain stops play, the musicians will perform at 16:00hrs in the church.  More details here –

If that doesn’t appeal – you could try counting sheep.  The Transhumance at Eguilles is taking place on Sunday and will be the occasion for traditional festivities in the village. 

More details on

Thanks to Dee and to Patrick for all this information!

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Alix a Aquae Sextiae’ is a good little exhibition in the Aix tourist office about the town in Roman times.  It’s designed to tie in with the Festival de Bande Dessinée and features a character called Alix who began life in 1948 in ‘Le Journal de Tintin’.  There are large illustrations of him discovering the main sites of the town: the Aurelian Way, the town walls, the forum, the theatre and the villas.

The drawings are very detailed and based on archaelogical evidence – so they give a good impression of what it all must have looked like.


It is amazing for me, walking to my flat down rue d’Italie and cours Gambetta, to think that I am following the ancient via Aurelia used by horses, carts and chariots setting out for Rome.

What really makes this exhibition though is that they have borrowed items from the Musée Granet to illustrate the theme – lots of things that have been excavated locally over the years.

For instance this altar to the Sun God was dug out of the Torse during the 19th century.

His cloak is being blown over his head by the wind as he comes out of the waves riding his four horses.  And when you get close to the figure, you can see the seven little holes on his hair line where it is thought there were seven shiny metal rays – since lost.  Astonishing  to think this has survived since the 2nd century.

And it must have been astonishing too for the person digging the ground for new houses to the north of Aix to come across this emporer’s head.

It is apparently ‘Septime Sévère’ an emporer born in N. Africa who made inroads against the Scots and died in York.

The exhibition also has some everyday items which have been found in the town including this lovely little dinner set.

If you do visit the exhibition and enjoy it, you can get a free poster by asking at the desk.

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