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It’s been a great pleasure to have a small apartment in Provence and live in a very French neighbourhood.  We’ve learned to appreciate an apéro dinatoire, leisurely Sundays and choosing food with care rather than random supermarket shopping.  We’ve witnessed two French presidential campaigns, watched lots of French TV, and discussed issues of the day with French friends. The differences between their views and our British experiences are stimulating and we’ve learned so much.

I still enjoy books which explore these differences – I recently picked up a copy of  The Secret Life of France by Lucy Wadham at Gatwick and have been reading it all week.  The writer married a Parisian, raised 2 children in the capital and worked as a freelancer for BBC France which gave her access to politicians including M Sarkozy.  So her observations range from maternity here through the education system, the French view of history, politicians, French foreign policy, their racial mix.  She’s an Oxford graduate so gives some well-researched depth to her subject.

Nearer home, I can also recommend a blog called The Sociological Observer which has been recently created by an Aix-based academic.

Anne is a sociologist from Seattle and also mother to two boys who are at school in Aix.  Her daily life here brings her into contact with other families, local sports clubs and the boys’ school and she brings her academic training to bear on life in Provence.  Take a look at her recent post on the summer festivals: http://www.thesociologicalobserver.com/  and explore her archives for some well-researched and articles on issues she is currently experiencing –  like taking a driving test as an adult here, French styles of parenting and local health provision. 

A must for bookmarking!



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