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…….is the title of a collective of artists whose work goes on display this weekend in support of the 6th Forum Mondial de l ‘Eau in Marseille. The group was formed 10 years ago in Washington and they have chosen water as a symbolic theme as it traverses frontiers, like their art, and also engages with human and ecological issues.

The vernissage this evening brought together most of the artists who are delighted to be in Aix, our town which is, after all, founded on the gift of abundant springs of clean water. Here are some of the paintings:

Andres E Tremols (Cuba/USA) states that he is infatuated with oceans, sea-creatures and ecosystems. This work dating from 2011 refers to the catastrophic events of April 2010 when the sea floor of the Gulf of Mexico was polluted by 5m barrels of oil.

Patricia Secco of Brazil is concerned about climate change and its affect on species who cannot adapt fast enough. This is one panel from a colourful collection of different animals.



Deirdre Saunder of Zimbabwe illustrates the sad dilemma of women who walk or cycle miles each day for water which is often polluted.


And finally, this long-standing inhabitant of the musee des Tapisseries looks less than enthusiastic about the visual display of polluting plastic water bottles………

The exhibition, Take Me to the River, is at the musée des Tapisseries until 20th May. Open daily exc Tuesdays. 13:30-17:00hrs.

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