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If you want to see Cézanne’s studio with all its original props, you just have a couple of months before key items are sent to Japan for a major expo.  These include his Provencal olive pot which he moved between his homes in Aix and painted 22 times; his ginger jar which has already travelled for an exhibition in London; a bottle of Jamaica rum; a green jug; the six-piece screen from his childhood home; and the plaster figure which appeared in 12 paintings.

The curator has sent the Japanese the exact dimensions of the studio so that it can be reproduced in the National Art Centre where the exhibition will take place. 

Not all requests were met though – the large easel was thought too delicate to travel as were the 3 skulls Cézanne painted.  No-one seems to know whose they were either which complicated things further!

Also travelling will be the little red pine table that he used for still lifes though it is having to be treated with insecticide to prevent the Japanese getting more than they bargained for.

In return, the studio will receive 100,000 euros which will go towards the restoration of the ground floor and the construction of a temporary exhibition space. 


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Since dipping a toe in the blogosphere, I have been stunned by the number of online activities by local people.  There are just so many!  Here today are two that may interest you.

Leslie Ray, an American photographer living in Aix, has been blogging for years – have a look at her site on http://lafourchette.blogspot.com.

Her blog reflects her daily life and always illustrated with interesting photographs.

Plus: She has been posting a recipe each week for some time so has a good archive of tested recipes.

Plus: there’s an excellent list of other French-based blogs to dip into.

Plus: she is now marketing her photography in the shape of notecards, all showing Provence at its most beguiling.  Her site has details.

A second site I like is http://shiftinglight.com which belongs to Vaucluse-based artist Julian Merrow-Smith.  The great feature of this is the ‘painting-a-day’ email service. Subscribe and each day you find a Provence-based painting in your inbox, always a lovely surprise.

This is today’s – called Quinces in a Spanish Bowl – and how beautiful it is.  All the paintings are auctioned and a book of his work is also available.

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