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The best way to chill your rosé, I learn from ‘A Table’, La Provence’s latest publication, is to tie a string around its neck and drag it through the sea from the back of your boat.  And here’s me faffing around with a fridge all these years!  But much of the advice in the magazine is pertinent:

There’s a listing of the region’s top rosés, including choices from local sommeliers but also usefully listing the top 3 from each of the usual supermarkets eg Carrefour’s best rosés etc.

Foodwise, there’s advice on how to put together a truly Provençal cheese-platter – Brousse du Rove, Tome d’Arles, Petit chevre frais, Picodon and Banon – plus tips on putting together a good picnic.

There are reviews of the region’s ’10 restos trendy’ and their verdict on which hotel is best for eating – Mama Shelter or the Radisson Blu.  (The former gets a limited thumbs up but the reviewer wasn’t enthusiastic about either……)

A good read – at kiosks from this weekend, 2€80.

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