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I love my weekly Paris Match: it helps me keep up-to-date with France, has some good in-depth articles on international news and excellent photo-journalism. The current issue (see cover image) has, along with an article on why Anglo-Saxon women are falling for ‘le French Lover’ (looking at you Madonna, Scarlett, Nathalie and Halle Berry…) a thoughtful piece on Marseille.

What, they ask, is going on in Marseille? (more…)

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Thirty years ago this month, Prince Ranier and Princess Grace visited Les Baux, along with their son Prince Albert who became the Marquis des Baux and was given the keys to the town.

To celebrate this event, the town has put together an exhibition of Paris Match photos of Princess Grace.

Apparently, the Grimaldi family back in 1642 helped Louis XIII beat off the Spanish and were rewarded with Les Baux and Saint-Rémy-de-Provence.  The Grimaldis’ palace there was requisitioned during the Revolution but they have kept the titles.  There’s a supplement on this, with photos and info on the life of Princess Grace, in this week’s Paris Match.

The exhibition is being held in various cultural venues in the town, until15th November.

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