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The summer services for the hourly boats – navettes maritimes – which go from the Vieux Port down to Point Rouge or along to L’Estaque and back will start on Saturday 27th April until 29th September.  Cost still 5€ each way.  If you haven’t tried these short journeys, they are a great way to see the coast and spend a little time in either community.  Pointe Rouge has a nice sandy beach and restaurants ‘pieds dans l’eau’, while L’Estaque has a walk around the viewing points that once drew painters from all over the country……loads of restaurants too.

During the summer, 25 June – 27 September, there will be an additional service down to Les Goudes, 8 euros.

More on https://www.marseilletourisme.fr/fr/decouvrir/infos-pratiques/transports/navette-maritime/.

*** I was going into the metro in Marseille one day last summer when illuminated signs warned people that the boats had stopped running due to a sudden Mistral.  So it’s a good idea to have a bus timetable to get back, if need be!

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Good news for visitors and Marseille commuters alike. The navettes from the Vieux Port to both Pointe Rouge and L’Estaque are back in service from today til the 28th September.IMG_6012

They were introduced mainly for people going to work in the town centre but have proved a great hit with tourists; and no wonder.  You get a wonderful view of Marseille and its beaches in one direction, or its docks in the other, for 3€ per one-way trip.


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Here’s the latest on getting around town.

navetteThe navette to Pointe-Rouge is back in service after the winter break.  It goes daily, on the hour, from the Quai des Belges (same as the boats to Frioul) and costs 3€ each way.  The journey takes 40 mins each way, and if you are just doing it for a boat-ride, you have to get off at Pointe-Rouge while the driver has  his cigarette, and then get back on again when it departs, on the hour.  Or you can take a picnic to the beach and pick up a later shuttle. What a bargain! I read that last year, its first year in service, it had double the expected number of punters so there may well be queues, as indeed there were when I went on it. Not surprising – it’s a really scenic trip. The new navette service to l’Estaque starts on April 13th.  Note that they don’t operate if the weather conditions are adverse. 

In the Vieux Port, the solar-powered ferry has gone and is being replaced by the reconditioned old favourite the César.  This takes people across the VP from outside the Hotel de Ville.  I think the solar ferry is going to be used in the docks area but I don’t have this info yet.

Further up the Quai du Port is the new terminus for le Petit Train.  petit-trainThis is operating daily 10-12, 14-16.  It goes up to Notre Dame de la Garde where there is a 30 minute stop then it takes visitors a picturesque way back along the coast and over the little inlets like the pretty Anse des Auffes.  It’s 7€ for adults 4€ for children.  The Petit Train service through the Panier starts next month.  There is also an electric bus service which runs around the VP and costs 50 centimes.

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