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On 1st July 2012, a 7 minute hailstorm completely ruined a year’s crop of grapes at the Chateau de Roquefort vineyard near Aubagne.  It was catastrophic.  But happily, 35 vignerons across Provence pulled together to contribute grapes for the owners who have now bottled this wine which is on sale as la cuvée Grêle 2012.  And, good for them, all the kind contributors are listed on the label.   Click the link for details of the wine. http://www.deroquefort.com/uploads/media_files/document/orig/073/073_303_e96ec1d471f8d0cdaa1464e8f754da8acb45a5c1.pdf

I came across this story in the new edition of  ‘à table’ which has just gone on sale for 2,80€. a table

It’s a very good issue, with a seasonal focus on pancakes.  There are recipes for preparing them and also reviews of the two specialist creperies in Aix: L’Ambassade de Bretagne and La Crêpe Sautière.  They photographed and analysed the main course and dessert pancakes, and then comment on the quality of service and value for money.  Interesting!  Lots of other info on seasonal vegetables, what to do with leeks, how to tell the difference between mandarines, clementines and tangerines, and where to eat in various country towns.

And finally, the nun’s farts or pets de nonne!  I have Anne and Kirk Woodward to thank for reminding me about these seasonal treats.  They organised a recent bloggers’ meeting and these tiny sugary cakes were a great hit.  Kirk explained the story:  during dinner preparations at the Abbey of Marmoutier in the 1400s, a novice named Agnes stunned the ears of the nuns. She was so embarrassed that she dropped a spoonful of batter in a pot of hot oil.

They are delicious but are only made between Chandeleur (Feb 2nd) and Carnaval/Easter time.  So hurry to the boulangerie!  Anne and Kirk’s blog can be found on http://musicandmarketsblogspot.com.  The pets de nonne are sold at Wieber in the place Richelme (opp. Happy Days café) and Costa which is up rue Gaston Saporta on the left, after the Cathedral.IMG_4798

Don’t they look good!

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