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Lots going on. Even if these events are not to your taste, it’s worth knowing about them so you can steer clear of traffic and crowds if need be!  We once set off for Arles and met police road-blocks – we hadn’t realised there was a feria taking place: not the best day for a peaceful walk around the old town!  Here are some events to enjoy or avoid as the mood takes you… (more…)

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Details of next year’s big summer exhibition at Aix’s Musée Granet have been announced.

‘Cézanne et la Modernité’ will bring 50 works from the Pearlman Collection to town 11th July – 5th October.  These pictures will include watercolours by Cézanne as well as impressionist and post-impressionist paintings from the collection.

Henry Pearlman was a New York businessman with a passion for art – he and his wife built up a formidable collectionfountain by cezanne of 19th and 20th century pictures.  Since his death in 1974, the paintings have been kept at Princeton University.  They are going on tour in 2014, first to the Ashmolean in Oxford, then Aix, followed by Atlanta and Vancouver.  You can read more here: http://www.pearlmancollection.org/about

This watercolour from the collection by Cezanne is intriguing.  I wondered why he never painted urban scenes of Aix itself…but here is one!  It shows the fountain in the place d’Hotel de Ville.  I hope this is included in the forthcoming exhibition.

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A quick post in the midst of packing to get back to France – today’s BA flight was cancelled thanks to the air traffic controllers’ strike – so hopefully will get to Aix tomorrow…where there’s a lot happening this coming week.

I’m looking forward to the opening of Le Grand Atelier du Midi exhibition at the musée Granet on the 13th, especially having read the fun and games they had trying to get a very large canvas from Marseille into the museum.   picture3

Firstly they had to winch it off a lorry on the peripherique and roll it along rue d’Italie on specially-laid hardboard. (more…)

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To celebrate its lovely new space at the Chapelle des Pénitents Blancs, the Musée Granet is offering free entry all weekend to see the 120 works donated by Jean and Suzanne Planque.




I have to say that when I visited the collection in 2011, I wasn’t inspired by the paintings.  (more…)

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Back in Provence – but where is the spring? Certainly not outside our apartment right now but if you want to get out of the cold, the local cinemas have their ‘Printemps du Cinema’ offer which lasts until Tuesday – all seats are 3,50€.

The Cirque du Soleil is in town bringing some warmth and colour – well virtually speaking. A special 3D film has been put together by James Cameron (Titanic, Avatar) and Andrew Adamson (Shrek, Narnia) and will be shown at the Cézanne on Thursday 21st March at 20:00 and Saturday 23rd at 14:00. If it is anything like the live show, it will be thrilling.

If you would like a taste of the major expo at the Musée Granet which starts June 13th (don’t forget to book tickets online….), curator Bruno Ely is giving a talk: ‘De Cézanne à Matisse’, is on Thursday 21st, at 18:00, at the IEP, 25 rue Gaston de Saporta. 6€.

tropezienneI have had two surprises since I returned to France. Firstly the very welcome opening of ‘La Tarte Tropézienne’, a new Aix branch of a chain of cafés dedicated to the eponymous tart. It was first created in St Trop by Alexandre Micka, a Polish soldier who came ashore with the liberating armies. He had his grand-mother’s recipe and started his business in the town. The recipe is still supposedly secret, but the cake is basically a mouth-watering sandwich of sponge and crème pâtissière. The café also offers salads, light meals and drinks. It’s at 3 ave des Belges (just down from the tourist office, same side of the road) and is open 06:30-20:30.


My second surprise was this much-photographed atlante in the cours Mirabeau which now has squatters!

These pigeons have found a cosy nook on his shoulder to make a nest and raise their family.  

Well it is…. just about…. spring!

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What does this picture suggest to you?  It is the image on the poster advertising the expo ‘Les Bouches du Rhône – Agnes Varda’, currently showing at ‘Galerie d’Art du Conseil General’ which is just down from Monoprix. Varda is a distinguished film-maker with a long record of success in the cinema, but I didn’t know that she is also a photographer.

I thought that the image above  was just a surrealistic notion until it was explained, when I got inside, that it represents Les Bouches du Rhône!  Of course!  The exhibition plays with place names in this manner with a series of photos taken around Marseille and also includes film recreating photos.  It’s only a small exhibition but if you are in town, very well worth a visit.  Free.  Until 17th March.  9.30-13, 14-18:00hrs.  Closed Mondays.

While on the subject of the Rhône, if you missed the wonderful exhibition of ‘César et les secrets du Rhone’ which was on in Arles and then in the Louvre, all the exhibits can be seen at the Archives et Bibliotheque Departementales Gaston-Deferre

It is a truly moving moment to see these objects which have been raised from the river bed, now on view for the first time in over 2000 years.  Since their initial showing, questions have been raised as to the identity of this bust.  Is it really Caesar?  Maybe we will never know.  But it is a wonderful sculpture of a Roman aristocrat in his middle years showing the cares of life all those centuries ago.  Until 24th March.

In Aix this Sunday remember that the Musée Granet is free on Sunday so you can catch up with the new expo ‘Cadavre Exquis’ which is, shall we say, different – plus there’s the book market in the Place de l’Hotel de Ville where you can browse amongst lots of out-of-print books.  For cycling fans, the season that will bring the Tour de France to Aix (July 4th), there is La Ronde d’Aix taking place in town.  Amateurs start at the Rotonde at 13:15 followed by the professionals at 14:30 or 50 depending on which paper you read!

And finally……….if you want some exercise rather than watching others racing around, there’s the new issue of En Balade.IMG_4719  This time they have given details of hikes themed around famous local writers and painters.  I’m particularly drawn to the ‘hike’ around Lourmarin with a Camus theme – 1.15hrs, completely flat and officially ‘facile’  Sounds good to me!

En Balade is 2.80 at kiosks and a mine of information.

Have an excellent weekend!

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There seems to be plenty happening at the moment.

giselle1‘Giselle’ danced by the Ballet de Perm promises to be lovely.  It’s on at the Grand Theatre de Provence on the 29th, 30th and 31st at 20:30.  Tickets 10-42€.  I think the cheap ones are not advisable as the seats are very high up and rather vertiginous. More for ballet-lovers – there is the Bolshoi ballet’s ‘La Bayadère’ at the Cézanne tomorrow at 16:00.

If you want tickets for the Festival d’Aix, they go on sale on January 28th at mid-day on www.festival-aix.com.  Alternatively they can be booked on the 30th from 17:30-23:00 on 08 20 922 923.

While on the subject of tickets, if you are planning to visit one or both of the blockbuster art shows this summer which are bracketed together as ‘Le Grand Atelier de Midi’, you can now make reservations.  ‘De Cezanne à Matisse’ is at the musée Granet and ‘De Van Gogh à Bonnard’ is showing in Marseille.  They both start on June 13th.  You can book on the MP2013 website or just drop in to the musée Granet where you can get tickets there and then.

The very controversial ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ is currently showing at the Cézanne so I expect it is dubbed.  In VO at the moment we have ‘Django Unchained’ at the Renoir, ‘The Master’ at the Mazarin and ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’ at the Mazarin which has had great reviews and has been nominated for Best Picture and Best Director categories in the forthcoming Oscars.  Also loaded with nominations is ‘Lincoln’ in which Daniel Day Lewis seems to morph himself remarkably into the American President.  That starts on Wednesday and is at the Renoir.

A heads-up now on an event at Book In Bar – a little in advance but this will give you time to read some of Claire Keegan’s writing. She is a young Irish writer who has won an award for her short stories.  She will be reading and signing books at Book In Bar, rue Joseph Cabassol (the road opp Monoprix) at 11:00 on Saturday 9th February.  More about her here: http://www.faber.co.uk/catalog/author/claire-keegan

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAFinally, a little further afield, a new expo  ‘Signac Hommage à Françoise Cachin’, at l’Annonciade in St Tropez.  This is one of my favourite galleries ever.  It’s in a converted chapel, right on the quay-side and their permanent collection has paintings by artists who were working either in the town or in the surrounding countryside.  There are some fantastic works and you are normally alone to enjoy them!  Signac was one of the first artists to moor up there – he was a keen sailor – and this expo shows the private collection of his family.  Françoise Cachin is actually his grand-daughter who became the head of the Musée d’Orsay then Directeur des Musées de France.  Nice work if you can get it.  It’s on til 11th March – see www.amis-annonciade.fr.



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