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…..is my new book which is being launched this week. (more…)

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Tomorrow sees the opening of the new show at MUCEM.  It’s called ‘Lieux Saints Partagés’ and focuses on the sites where Christianity, Islam and 16_rituels_votifs_oea_mucem_idemec_manoel_penicaudJudaism all find commonality for place of worship.  It’s not just Jerusalem – the exhibition takes in other places, even Marseille where, it says, Notre Dame de la Garde is a centre for all religions. (more…)

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News from Marseille

sport logoWe’ve had a great year of culture – maybe next we’re in for a year of sport?  Marseille has won through to the final round to be chosen as the Capitale Européenne du Sport 2017.  The other finalist (more…)

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IMG_5644There has certainly been a development boom locally this year. I’m not sure whether these innovations were a result of the Year of Culture or whether they would have happened anyway; but the focus on Marseille-Provence certainly proved a powerful (if sometimes belated) impetus to transforming parts of Marseille or renovating existing museums.

 They all have one thing in common – this time last year, none of us had experienced them. How quickly they have become familiar!

Here’s my Top Ten Highlights – and, to follow, some lowlights: (more…)

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This was the stampede to go into Mucem the other day when we visited!mucem rush hour  But don’t be put off as there is so much space inside and it really wasn’t crowded.  Tomorrow (like all first Sundays) it’s free to visit the exhibitions inside.  Exploring the buildings themselves is free anyway.

Now for a treat.  Local writer Juliet Young is sharing her Guide to Marseille, produced for the Var Village Voice, with Aixcentric readers.  In it, she lists all her ‘bonnes adresses’: where to stay, eat and drink, what to visit, and how to get into town.

You can click here for a Word document, easy to print for reference, Where to Stay and Eat in Marseille or use the tab ‘Guide to Marseille’ on the website.  Thanks to Juliet for all her great ideas and recommendations.

If you love Marseille, do see Pagnol’s ‘Marius’ and ‘Fanny’, directed by Daniel Auteuil, showing at the Cézanne.  Two wonderful films.  The stories are fairly easy to follow but I must admit to missing chunks of the dialogue – now to read the plays!

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Architects and engineers used innovative techniques to construct the passerelles

Architects and engineers used innovative techniques to construct the passerelles

Yesterday I visited the new MUCEM building along with the renovated Fort St Jean and came away hugely impressed with the whole complex: firstly, what a site!  (more…)

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It’s summer, it’s hot…and so is the choice of outings this weekend.  MUCEM finally opens (see last post) and remember across the road there is the beautifully-restored sanitary station which houses the Regards de Provence museum.  Their colourful show of paintings of Marseille, highly recommended, has been extended to 16th June, open daily.

transhumanceBut the most astonishing event has to be the culmination of the TransHumance processions which arrive in Marseille this coming weekend.

How will the assorted sheep, goats and horses fare when streaming through the streets of France’s second largest city? 

The agenda is here: http://www.mp2013.fr/evenements/2013/06/arrivee-de-la-transhumance-a-marseille/?lang=en

In complete contrast, the Vive Coté Sud show in Aix’s Parc Jourdan enters its 15th year.  The theme this year is ‘Les Suds en Terrasse’.

magazine-imageI love the French expression, ‘un petit coin de paradis’ and this exhibition shows you how to create one.  There are lots of stands to inspire and interviews with designers and architects to inform.  I have been to several of these shows over the years and always come out with lots of ideas, to the joy of M. Aixcentric……….

Here is the press kit with all relevant information: cote sud

The Great Gatsby is still on at the cinemas and I would highly recommend it.  I was put off by the negativity of many of the reviews, but, when I finally saw it, really enjoyed it.  The cinematography is outstanding – especially in 3D – with the camera zooming through the opulent parties at West Egg and the contrasting desolation of the Valley of Ashes; the acting is good, especially Carey Mulligan as Daisy.  The costumes and sets are just wonderful;  and I was surprised by the power and impact of the Jay-Z and Beyoncé soundtrack. gatsby  Baz Luhrmann’s interpretation stuck pretty well to Fitzgerald’s plot and brought the novel alive right up to the sadness of the famous ending.  Recommended!

Sometimes I do struggle to understand what is going on round here.  Have a look at this one: http://www.mp2013.fr/evenements/2013/06/in-loving-memory-2/?lang=en  where ‘audiences relearn how to breathe together, to think and to speak’.  It seems to be some sort of theatrical/cinematic experience…if anyone goes, do let us know what it is!!

Enjoy the weekend.

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