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affiche_visagesTwo new shows to visit in Marseille which is great as all has been quiet since the MP2013 Year of Culture’s final fireworks sank into the Vieux Port.  I was very much looking forward to ‘Visages Picasso Magritte Warhol…’ as I love spending time (more…)

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les terrassesJust announced: the opening date for Les Terrasses du Port in Marseille is 3rd May.  I hadn’t quite realised what a massive development this is going to be.

For starters, there will be (more…)

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Firstly, ‘ La Provence, terre de rencontres entre artistes et écrivains ‘ at the Regards de Provence gallery has been extended to 16th March 2014; and at the same gallery,  ‘Femmes en Provence et en Méditerranée’ will run to the 4th May. Femmes en Provence 

Here is my original review of both exhibitions when I visited back in October: https://aixcentric.com/2013/10/31/painting-provence/  It’s a beautiful space and both exhibitions are well worth visiting.  Recommended!

Opening next Friday, 21st February, ‘Visages, Picasso, Magritte, Warhol’ (more…)

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I’ve only just stumbled across the existence of this exhibition organised to mark the centenary of the start of WW1. It started yesterday at the Archives Départemental in Marseille and looks to be fascinating.

‘Ils ecrivent l’histoire. La Grande Guerre dans les Bouches du Rhone’ tells the story of what happened here 100 years ago once war was declared.  Thousands of young men went north to the front but the port of Marseille had an important part to play in (more…)

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Dites Moi Tout is a delightful patisserie just along the main road (Bd Philippon) from the Palais de Longchamp.patisserie

Today they were, for Chandeleur, offering crepes with various fillings – I tried the caramel and salted butter one.   They have a dazzling array of macaroons, individual cakes and large gateaux that are like works of art.

The café has a very artistic vibe with drawings on chalkb0ards, paper decorations, pretty lamps and vintage china.  Open 8-19:00 hrs Tues-Sat; 9-13:00 Sunday, closed Monday. 

I had a very warm welcome today and would recommend a visit.

station cafeMy second café this weekend was a surprise.  If you look at the photo – with sofas, books to read, a piano to play – you might think you were in the Marais or a side-street in Oxford.

Can you believe this is at Gare St Charles, platform A, alongside the train for Toulon!

Viens Attendre a Marseille is open daily 7-19:00hrs and seems a great place to sit, have a coffee and read while waiting for friends or a train.

Details http://www.marseille-centre.fr/index.php/bons-plan/nouveaux-commerces/5590-viens-attendre-a-marseille

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Well that’s what I thought when I dropped by the Portes Ouvertes weekend at the Palais de Longchamp today –


 just look at the queue!

To be honest,  it was more likely to be all the coverage on local TV last evening – and posters across town – that brought the crowds out in the February sunshine.  Basically they were just admitting people in batches and it was about a 30 minute wait.

Was it worth it? (more…)

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News from Marseille

sport logoWe’ve had a great year of culture – maybe next we’re in for a year of sport?  Marseille has won through to the final round to be chosen as the Capitale Européenne du Sport 2017.  The other finalist (more…)

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Free Art in Marseille

416px-Vouet-Vierge-MarseilleTo celebrate the re-opening of the permanent collection at the Musée des Beaux Arts at the Palais Longchamp in Marseille, there will be a Portes Ouvertes weekend – free entry – on February 1st and 2nd.

I don’t know what will be on show yet  (more…)

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Was is news on MP2013, the latest film…or maybe a new exhibition?

No!  It was… (more…)

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This list celebrates some of the ephemeral things that we saw during 2013. It’s an incomplete list, I know, as I spent much time in England and missed lots, the Aix Carnaval for instance which sounded great, plus the Transhumance.

But these things I saw and loved: (more…)

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