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When I started this blog, I chose the name Aixcentric mainly because it is all about Aix – but it was a little nod, too, to our French friends who think we Brits are pretty eccentric.  They may well be right!
Today I received an email from a friend from university days, Sandy Craig, who has embarked on an urban adventure:
“In a moment of madness at the end of last year, I decided I’d visit all the stations on the London Underground December 2012 Tube map. 
In a second moment of madness, I decided I’d visit them alphabetically (starting at Abbey Road – no, not that Abbey Road, then Acton Central, then Acton Town and so on to Woolwich Arsenal). I’d get out at each station and mooch around its neighbourhood in a relatively random fashion.
In a third moment of madness, I decided I’d do it all in 2013. That’s 367 stations and neighbourhoods in 365 days.
My therapist tells me that madness is a special way of being and a gift that is there to be shared. That’s why I’m inviting you all to experience vicariously my journeyings by visiting my blog”.  http://tubeforlols.wordpress.com/
BrightestLondon_webIt’s probably a good year for him to do it as it’s the 150th anniversary of the launch of the Tube (London Underground) and to celebrate, the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden have put on a very interesting display of posters.  Graphics were used from 1908 to get the messages across – at first these were about finding your way and using the Underground (Stand On The Right!), then they publicised Brightest London and Capital Culture – zoos, museums, galleries etc.  Over the years they have also shown images of places you can visit by Tube – rather idealised versions of suburban London in the sunshine.   If you’re in London, it’s worth a visit, especially if you have children in tow.  There are lots of buses they can climb into and ‘drive’ plus all manner of activities.  There’s a shop and café and it’s open daily.  Poster Art 150 is on until October 27th. 
Let’s hope Sandy is still on course to meet his target by then!

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