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This is the new hors series from La Provence which brings lots of info on unmissable monuments in our area. 

Each of the 45 monuments they have chosen has photos, a  history, a description and then a panel with practical details on how to get there and its opening times.  There are chateaux, abbeys, a synagogue, Roman remains, Mary Magdalene’s cave, the docks in Marseille, the aqueduct at Roquefavour – right up to Le Corbusier’s Cité radieuse and the Vélodrome.  So much to see and remember, the Journées du Patrimoine are coming up so many will be free and have special tours and displays.

The magazine also has a 1:30hr walk round 15 fountains in Aix, and a 3 hr trip round 15 statues in Marseille, sadly not a women among them.

Not a bad investment for 2.80€ – currently at the kiosks.

By the way, if you want more ideas for outings, I have gathered all the past posts on the subject under a new heading Exploring Provence.  There’s also a heading for Books and I’ve included all the restaurant suggestions  for Eating in Aix. 

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