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Here’s a warm recommendation for these cold days.  I’ve been wanting to try La Table Marocaine for a while now and this week enjoyed a good lunch with a fellow blogger. Have a look at www.sociologicalobserver.com for Anne’s comments on life in Aix.  This week she’s talking about crafts, amongst other things, and coincidentally there is a small expo of Moroccan crafts in the Hotel de Ville.  It’s organised by the ladies of Oujda which is a twin town of Aix.  They are showing photos, books and also traditional embroidery and lace.  They have little diagrams to show how they make their stitches so could be of interest to any of you who likes sewing?  It’s on until 8th December, 10-12, 15-18hrs.  At 16hrs they serve patisseries orientales and thé a la menthe.

tea - mintI didn’t stay for that as I’d just enjoyed something similar at the Moroccan restaurant!  It’s La Table Marocaine at 10 rue Constantin.  04 42 96 05 54, open everyday lunch-times and evenings.  They have a website www.latablemarocaine.com which gives their menus.  The tagines and couscous we tried were excellent.  I would suggest getting there soon after 12 though as it is a small resto and filled up really quickly.  Always a good sign!

Bon Weekend

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