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La Fromagerie

La Fromagerie in the passage Agard which opened a couple of months ago is nothing if not stylish.  I called in there recently and was dazzled by decor and the variety of cheeses on offer but I had one choice in mind: Cheddar.  I know I shouldn’t be buying English cheese in France but it really is the only possible ingredient for Cauliflower Cheese in the Aixcentric household. 

Now, 0.27kg of cheddar for 8.70€ did strike me as being rather excessive but it was strong and very tasty in my dish.  And I was interested to find out what lunch there is like.

Diners can choose from a small dining room on the 1st floor or climb further up to the roof-top terrace which has parasols and heaters, both required in this exposed spot among the roof-tops of Aix.

The lunch menu has a fairly good choice.  My companions opted for Tataki de Thon, fromage blanc au Thé Matcha (19€) and Hamburger de Boeuf a la Fumainson de Brebis (17€) and I got the one vegetarian option which was Penne Rigate au Gorgonzola Cremificato with Poire rôti aux noix (15€).

Clearly the theme is cheese in everything!

But mine was delicious, especially the roasted pear in the middle which I am going to try and recreate chez moi.

The desserts were all cheese-based too – we shared a cheese-cake with sorbet pêche – which was OK but a little claggy.

Verdict?  Delicious main courses all round, very cool atmosphere (great for taking visitors), slow service (not always a bad thing), reasonable prices……….but next time I’ll get my Cheddar in Carrefour.

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