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Wednesday, 1st Jan, sees the opening of ‘Nymphomaniac’, the latest film from Danish director Lars von Trier who says that he was inspired by Proust.  Various actresses including Charlotte Gainsburg play the central character whose erotic development is charted.  ‘Perplexing, perposterous and utterly fascinating’, said the Guardian.  Also stars Jamie Bell who has obviously come some way from Billy Elliot!

philoThe following week, 8th Jan, we get a chance to see ‘Philomena’ (more…)

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Hard on the heels of his parachuting entry into the Olympic stadium this summer, accompanied by the Queen, James Bond (Daniel Craig) has somehow found time to fight off a slew of villains, a sophisticated cyber-attack and an excellent new baddie. Javier Bardem combines dyed blonde hair with a taunting effeminate manner and Spanish accent to stylish effect – what an actor!

He’s quite a challenge for our hero, who also has to cope with lack of fitness, a demanding M played by Judi Dench, and naturally a beautiful woman. ‘Skyfall’ is directed by Oscar-winning Sam Mendes so the cinematography and pace is top notch, plus there is the wit and the knowing nods to the Bond tradition in this, its 50th year.  Aixcentric, on taking her seat, was slightly daunted to realise that the film runs for 2 1/2 hours, but it skips along at a brisk pace.  At the Cézanne in French, and the Renoir in VO. When I went, it was heaving, so one word of advice: reservez!

If you fancy something a little more cerebral, all over town this coming weekend you can dip into ‘La Ville, La Muse’ a programme of 70 films on the theme of the city. The films will be accompanied by round-table discussions with architects and town-planners or in some cases, prefaced by talks by the film-makers. Highlights include a showing of ‘Metropolis’ with an accompaniment by a 7-piece chamber orchestra, films on the work of Norman Foster and Frank Gehry and a short film on the work of Aix-based architect Fernand Pouillon. Events will take place at the Cité du Livre, the Mazarin, the Jeu de Paume and the Chateau La Coste vineyard and arts centre. More details on www.imagedeville.org.

There will also be a photography display on the same theme at the Cloitre du Lycée Vauvenargues from 12-30th November, Mon-Sat, free entry. Vernissage Monday 12th at 18:00hrs. Thanks to Patrick for this info. 

So if the forecast rain on Saturday does arrive, there’s lots on offer on the silver screen this weekend.


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