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Having loved the ‘De Cézanne a Matisse’ exhibition at the Musée Granet, there was only one thing for it…hop on the navette to Marseille to see the other half of the show. 

Les Alyscamps - a last-minute loan

Les Alyscamps – a last-minute loan

It’s the first time the two museums have worked together like this – one budget, one catalogue, one project plan.  The curators had a wish-list of pictures to illustrate their theme of artists inspired by the Midi (more…)

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What a wonderful exhibition has just begun in the musée Granet!  One half of ‘L’Atelier du Midi’, the other being in Marseille, ‘De Cézanne a Matisse’ is one of the major shows for the MP2013 Year of Culture.

Its theme is the South of France and the impact it had on painters.  (more…)

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