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These people would like your support!

shoesDo you have any old shoes?  If so, Handicap International are building a pyramid of shoes at the Vieux Port in Marseille, under the Ombriere, on Saturday (28th) 10-18:00hrs.  It’s one of a number of similar events across France to protest at the frightening number of people who lose legs, or are killed, each day, when they step on anti-personnel mines.  They have been working for 19 years to pressurise governments to sign up to accords against using these weapons but they remain a dreadful reality to communities as new wars break out.  CP 19ème Pyramide Handicap International. This organisation is currently doing a lot of work to allievate suffering in Syria and have a good explanatory website in both French and English.

Another Aixcentric follower has asked me to post information on Le Centre Ressource in Les Milles which is dedicated to helping people fighting cancer.  They will be having 5km and 10km runs on October 12th to raise money for the centre.  You can read all about it here: http://www.centreressource.org/un-lieu-unique-en-france.html

bouchonsOn the subject of collecting unwanted items, do remember to collect up your bottle tops.  The ladies in our local mairie are delighted to add them to their big vat which go for recycling to raise money for guide dogs for the blind here in Provence.

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