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two faces of JanuaryTwo new VO films in the cinema from today which might appeal: there’s ‘Jersey Boys’ which tells the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. (more…)

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If you are in town tomorrow for the Fete de la Musique (see last couple of posts), why  not have a look at ‘Danse’,  a new exhibition opening in the gallery at the Hotel de Ville? 

Katharine Modesti is a very talented local artist who is inspired by classical, contemporary and ethnic ballet. She writes, ‘For me, dance possesses great beauty, associated with movement, music and the expression of an profound emotion, that I wish to capture through painting and drawing with different techniques.  The expo is on Mon-Sat, 11:00-18:30 until 30th June.  Details: danseafiche

On Saturday, 23rd, midsummer celebrations all over Provence will include the traditional Feu de St Jean.

In Aix, the flame will leave the Hotel de Ville at 20:30 and be paraded around the town, ending up at the Rotonde about 22:00 where there will be lots of traditional dancing including the Provencal ‘farandole’.  Apparently the feast will also be celebrated at the summit of the Sainte-Victoire.  The ascent begins at 16:00; there will then be a concert and dancing display  before the flame arrives from Aix.  The descent takes place just before dark.  Details from  l’Association des Amis de Sainte-Victoire.

Other activities?  There’s La Fete du Cinema, a national promotion designed to lure us all in out of the sunshine.  The second person gets in for 2€50, providing you go in to see the same film.

Otherwise, there’s to be a vide-grenier on Sunday in the cours Sextius.  This is usually a big one stretching down the entire road – and I’ve found some good bits and pieces in the past.


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Black tomatoes don’t sound very nice and to be honest they don’t look very nice either, but I had to try them and am now addicted!  On sale at the Jardinière in rue d’Italie.

If you are looking for specialised tea, Kusmi Tea have just opened their first south-of-France branch here in Aix.  It was founded in 1867 in St Petersburg and is famous for its interesting mixes.  Each has its own colour of packaging within the umbrella brand which makes the shop very streamlined and cool.

Their latest mix is Euphoria which is based on grilled maté with chocolate and orange.  Maté is the dried and steeped leaves of yerba, thank you Google.  They offer a pack of 5 different miniatures for 21,50€ so you can try out new flavours.  I think I’ll be sticking to Tetleys but the shop is very nice.  2 rue des Bagniers.  www.kusmitea.com.

A new cheese shop – La Fromagerie du Passage –  has just opened its doors in the Passage Agard.  Again it’s beautifully designed with a long cheese counter down one side and a floor-to-ceiling display of wines down the other.  As well as all the usual French cheeses, they sell Stilton and Montgomery cheddar – the young assistant I spoke with has good English, a legacy of being a barman in London for 8 years.  The cheddar is expensive but extremely strong and tasty.  Their restaurant which is up on the roof will open on Friday and feature cheese-based dishes.  Please let us all know if you try it.

A PS for the Fete de la Musique (see last post for details):  the True Ones who are a band of 50-somethings will be performing.  http://www.real-english.com/TheTrueOnes/index.html  After listening to techno and hip-hop, it’s something of a relief to find a group playing R&B and other recognisable stuff.  Now I’m sounding old!  They will be playing in rue d’Italie on the corner of rue Fernand Dol – near Petit Casino. 

Whatever your taste in music, enjoy the evening!

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The annual Fête de la Musique is taking place on Thursday.

It’s a brilliant event attracting thousands of people into Aix.  Parking is usually impossible and it gets very crowded but you do get to listen to some fun music from competing groups of musicians.

This year the town authorities are trying to organise this sprawling event into 6 main areas with stages – from the place d’Archéveché where the Orchestre Philharmonique du Pays d’Aix will be playing to the top of the Cours Mirabeau where the menu will include rock, pop, funk, hip-hop and electro.

The full programme is here: programme_fete_de_la_musique  This includes a map and timings.

It is in fact the opening of the summer programme for the Orchestre Philharmonique du Pays d’Aix who will be giving free concerts in surrounding towns and villages.  They will be performing La Symphonie fantastique by Hector Berlioz probably in more peaceful surroundings.  Here is the list:

Thurs 21 June, 21:15,  Place Des Martyrs de la Résistance 13100 Aix-en-Provence

Fri, 22 June, 21:00, Mimet Chateau Bas

Tues, 26 June, 21:00, Les Jardins d’Albertas, Route RN 8, Bouc-Bel-Air

Wed, 27 June, 21:00, Ecole Maternelle Boulevard Réal, 13490 Jouques

Fri, 29 June, 21:00, Château du Tholonet

Sat, 30 June, 21:00, Théâtre de Verdure, Peynier

Wed, 4 July, 21:00, Trets Cour du Château

Sat, 7 July, 21:00, Vauvenargues Théâtre de Verdure

Sun, 8 July, 21:00, Coudoux Château de Garidel

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