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Where will the textile market be held when the Christmas chalets open?

Where will the textile market be held when the Christmas chalets open?

The Christmas market opening on 20th November will as usual displace the textiles stall holders from the Tuesday and Thursday markets currently held in the cours Mirabeau.

The solution this year (not yet confirmed) seems to be (more…)

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There are three new expos in Aix which range from the puzzling to the disappointing.  Starting with the best of the three, ‘A Fleur de peau’ is the final part of the ‘Tisser des Liens’ trilogy which has been showing this year at the Pavillon Vendome. Under the ‘Ulysses’ programme for MP2013, the trilogy has taken its theme from Penelope’s weaving and women artists were asked to come up with installations for the rooms of the lovely historic building.  Some are mysterious, others unsettling…perhaps the weekly guided tour at 14:30 on Fridays would help, or maybe a look at this press kit which has background to the artists and further details of the show. DOSSIER DE PRESSE TISSER DES LIENS OK

‘Les Nouveaux Collectionneurs au college’ is the title of the show at the ‘Galerie d’Art du Conseil General des Bouches-du-Rhone’ in which art college students throughout the region have chosen exhibits.  A very mixed bag.  Open daily exc Mondays, 9:30-13:00 and 14-18:00hrs.  21 Cours Mirabeau. Free.  Until 16th February.

Finally photography at the Musée Granet again under the ‘Ulysses’ programme.  This consists of a few large unfocused photos interspersed with the permanent collection with which they are supposed to be ‘in dialogue’.  I found it very disappointing. 

So with little visual delight in town right now, why not head for the cinema?  pompei

Life and Death in Pompei was the blockbuster exhibition in London this summer and the film of the show drew in 50,000 one day in June when it was screened nationwide.  Now it is our turn to see this film – it’s on at 11:00 Wednesday 30th October at the Renoir.

And finally, talking of relics from another age…only joking, I’m a massive fanSweet Summer Sun is the filmed version of the Rolling Stones’ Hyde Park concert this summer.  It looked to be spectacular with a particularly apt sylvan-style set.  The film includes interviews with the band and spectators and behind-the-scenes footage.stones  I’ve seen some of it on UK TV and it is a brilliant concert with Mick Jagger just incredible at 70.stones2

Monday 4th November 20:00hrs at the Cézanne.

Don’t miss it!

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Tomorrow, Sunday 6th October, is Aix’s vide grenier. It’s a really big sale when families bring out all their unwanted stuff and spread it down both sides of the cours Sextius. Good if you like rooting around for bargains. It’s also the monthly Marché du livre ancien et d’occasion in the place de l’Hotel de Ville; plus, being the first Sunday of the month, some of the Aix museums are free.

What will happen this year to the Tuesday and Thursday markets when the Christmas chalets go up?

What will happen this year to the Tuesday and Thursday markets when the Christmas chalets go up?

On the subject of markets, I read in La Provence that the stall-holders for the Tuesday and Thursday markets (more…)

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Ironman Aix

C Comme Aix – Photos

Events at Book In Bar  (more…)

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IMG_5706Loved the Tour de France, as did Aixcentric petit-fils who, aged 2,  soon got the hang of running for loot: key-rings, hats, sweets and madeleines.  It’s really solid brand-awareness. I remember after the last football World Cup, one of the UK marketing magazines researched brand retention amongst TV viewers and those who had been in the stadiums – and there was precious little recall. I guess that when you have been hit on the foot as I was (more…)

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Cézanne's statue usually draws a crowd of tourists...

Cézanne’s statue usually draws a crowd of tourists…

Aix is filling up with tourists at the moment, many bussed in from the cruise-ships in Marseille.  What a pity the travaux at the Rotonde are still ongoing – especially with the Tour de France sweeping through on Thursday. 

There is a new official map, available all over town, which is worth getting hold of, for visitors and residents alike.  couverture-PGGB13-UKIt opens out to give a street map of centre-ville plus a map of Pays d’Aix with museums, parks and ideas for family outings marked on it. It also has a list of Cézanne sites, a calendar of annual events and details of local transport.  If you can’t get hold of a paper copy, you can download it here: http://book.aixenprovencetourism.com/aix-documentation.htm

They also have a listing of 507 restaurants and bars in town with a search engine so you can pinpoint the type of cuisine you are looking for.  I hadn’t realised this was available on their website and seems a very useful tool: http://book.aixenprovencetourism.com/aix-restaurants.htm 

Now, regular Aixcentric readers will know how irate I get at the lack of loos in Aix, especially given the numbers of visitors.  I was happy therefore to learn of new facilities at the Rotonde (thanks to Dympna for this info)…but astonished to find that there is only one toilette!  I should imagine the ‘queue for the loo’ will reach epic proportions on Thursday.  Apparently public loos have been installed at the new gare routier so that should help, although it’s a way to sprint from the shops….

There’s a lovely new exhibition in the ‘Les Amis des Arts’ gallery next to the Renoir cinema in the cours Mirabeau.    I don’t know anything about the artist, Jean-Louis Carricondo, but really like the big splashy oils which are exhibited until 8th July. Nature_morte_bleue_448

And finally, there’s a new hors series from La Provence to help you if you would like to get out of town and walk by the water.  ‘En Balade’ July/August has detailsbalades_numero_10_1372247108_85x110 of 10 hikes ‘les pieds dans l’eau’ and also 35 village festivals.  Lots to enjoy!


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There are some interesting events coming up this weekend. 

Opus 13 are holding two concerts, 27 June at 21:00 and 30 June at17:30.  Both will be held at the Eglise St Jean-Baptiste in Cours Sextius which is where Cézanne finally married the long-suffering Hortense. Opus 13 is a choral group and will be accompanied by the Orchestre de Chambre de Toulon et du Var.  Programme includes Antonio VIVALDI : Dixit Dominus (RV 595), Wolfang Amadeus MOZART : Laudate Dominum and Michael HAYDN : Requiem.

AIXENJUIN_bandeau1000x400sslogoJune 30 really is a great date for music lovers.  As well as the concert above, later that evening the London Symphony Orchestra will be giving  a big free concert in the Cours Mirabeau.  (more…)

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PREVOTE%202013This summer, we are so fortunate to be able to see wonderful paintings done in the region, at the major galleries.  But I’d also urge you to find some time to have a look at the work of an American artist, Jill Steenhuis, who lives and paints locally: her passion for Provence is reflected in the vibrant tableaux she produces. (more…)

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divasThese are three of the giant divas that will be leading parades through Aix tomorrow.  What fun!  The three processions, with dancers and musicians, will set off at 21:00hrs from the ave Victor Hugo, ave des Belges and the cours Mirabeau and arrive at the Rotonde for a spectacular performance. (more…)

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telepheriqueThere’s nothing new under the sun it seems.  Eugene Caselli, the president of the MPM, has written to the transport minister with a request for backing for a télépherique in Marseille.  It would swing locals and tourists up the hill to Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde or across to L’Estaque….or even up to the Hopital Nord or out to the airport.  He points out that this is far cheaper per kilometre than the tramway and is an environmentally friendly alternative to all the tourist buses that labour up the hill to the church for example. 

In fact there was an ascenseur there until the 60s when it was demolished.  Locals haveoldposter of lifts commented that the authorities can’t even get the ferry boat to run across the Vieux Port consistently nor have installed the tramway L2.  There are also concerns around the 100 days per year when the Mistral would give passengers more thrills than they bargained for!

In Aix, too, present problems are rediscovering past solutions.

A recent architects’ and town-planners’ forum in Aix, convened to tackle the growing traffic problems in the Pays d’Aix area, came up with the idea of introducing a system of trams.  tramway

They want to encourage the Aixois to leave their cars at home and take to public transport.

Well this is hardly novel either – it was actually introduced back in 1903  with a tramway which took people between Aix to Marseille.  It set off from the top of the Cours Mirabeau – where the Terminus Café is today – and arrived in Marseille’s Quai des Belges nearly 2 hours later.  Trams ran every 15 minutes and were a great success.  The service only stopped in 1948 when trolley buses took over the route. As the French themselves say, plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose!



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