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I have to confess to not liking comics very much because they always seem to be about fighting (Zap! Splat!) or sci-fi or supermen. But it seems to be a genre growing in popularity and this month’s ‘Rencontres du 9e Art’ festival in Aix is the largest in Europe.

Consequently, the town is full of colourful publicity banners and a fantasy-inspired roundabout complete with rockets and strange animals is giving rides at the top of the Cours Mirabeau.

sylvieBut I have been converted by the fascinating band-dessinée biography of Paul Cézanne which is magnified along 120 metres of panels in Luynes. This ‘Expo a Ciel Ouvert’ is something I have never seen before and is wonderful. Succinct text and colourful drawings tell the story of the artist in a fresh and immediate way – perfect for introducing young people to our local hero! An added bonus is the fact that the artists have used Cézanne’s own paintings as a backdrop. So young Paul and his friend Emile Zola splash around in the Arc with a background taken from ‘The Bathers’ and so on. You will recognise various bits of Aix in the pictues too.


It’s all based on a book by Alain Exiga, illustrated so cleverly by local artists Olivier Bauza and David Ballon and published by Editions Cerises et Coquelicots of Aix. ‘Paul Cézanne, un rebelle en Provence’ is 14,50€ and available in bookshops in town. The Expo a Ciel Ouvert is outside the Ecole Georges Duby at Luynes – it’s signposted up (look for ‘Palissade Cézanne’ or the school) and so very easy to find.

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