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monetThe new show at Carrieres de Lumieres is just fantastic.  It traces the story of the artists who flocked to the Mediterranean, to capture its light and its colour.  Their pictures are projected on to the rough quarry walls and all across the floor.  They are incredibly beautiful and accompanied by some lovely music.

For me, it is a more coherent show than the one last year and the music is far more melodic.  A must!

If you haven’t been before, wrap up warmly.  The shows start at 9.30 and continue throughout the day. Each lasts about 35 minutes.  There is an LCD sign at the door which tells you how long the current show has to run – it’s worth waiting for the beginning as, unlike the Cézanne show in 2006, this one does develop.

Full details on www.carrieres-lumieres.com. Daily until 5th January 2014.

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What an amazing leap of imagination it was for whoever had the brilliant idea of using this abandoned quarry for a son-et-lumière show!

It’s been running for years and the annual themes have been as disparate as Venice, Cézanne and Australia, all illustrated with massively projected images and accompanying music.

Last year it was taken over by Culturespaces and some improvements to the layout have been made – a much smoother floor for instance which is easier when wandering around in the dark.  I also like the new viewing galleries.  However, most of us visiting yesterday felt that, in this year’s show, something had been lost, especially in colour quality. 

This year’s theme celebrates Van Gogh and Gauguin who famously tried to live and work together in nearby Arles.

Gauguin’s work lends itself more easily to this treatment, his large, flat, colourful Breton and Tahitan paintings being particularly impactful.  Van Gogh’s paintings, especially the delicate ones, were lost against these rough-hewn quarry walls. Somehow his wonderful irises became insipid and the glorious sunflowers were underplayed.  And I really didn’t like the music.  But this is such a unique experience that it is worth visiting.  Details on www.carrieres-lumieres.com. 8€.50. Wrap up warm!

Afterwards you can visit the little town of Les Baux where there are many restaurants.  But we drove to nearby Fontvieille to have lunch at La Cuisine au Planet.

It’s tucked away on a side street off a side street, but worth seeking out for the friendly ambiance, the food, and specifically their crême brulée à la lavande.  I had eaten this 6 years ago at this restaurant and never forgotten how good it was!  Luckily it was on the menu yesterday and was just as I remembered – delicious.

144 Grand Rue, Fontvieille, tel:04 90 54 63 97.

More details on cooking with lavender in the next post………..


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