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I was sorry when the Cathédrale d’Images closed last year as it was such a unique place; so happy to read that it is re-opening under new management, Culturespaces, who manage several of France’s museums and estates.  They are currently spending a couple of million euros on state-of- the art effects and also improving visitors’ facilities to include a bookshop, workshop space for visiting schools and, eventually, an exhibition space to complement the light-show.

cathedral dimagesThis takes place in a huge excavated quarry, a massive enclosed space with rough rock walls. On to these, vast images are projected constantly and side-by-side, so the visitor can wander around the cavern wondering at the beautiful, ever-changing and textured pictures on display.  The colours really come alive in this space and the images are accompanied by music to give a multi-sensory experience.   The new name will be Carrières de Lumières.


Next year’s theme which starts in March is to be ‘Gauguin, Van Gogh, Les Peintres de la Coleur’ – doesn’t that sound wonderful?

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