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With MUCEM getting so much attention, it’s understandable that some people are not crossing the road to visit the nearby Musée Regards de Provence.  A mistake!

IMG_6346Not only does it have some interesting and usually local paintings (which I’ll come onto), its top floor has a restaurant and café-terrace that must be one of the nicest places to have a drink in Marseille.   (There is a separate entrance and lift). 

The building was the station sanitaire for immigrants arriving at the port, for what must have been a grim experience.  Now beautifully renovated, light floods through the galleries and the huge windows give visitors panoramic views of Fort Jean and MUCEM right along to the docks.

The gallery is privately owned and is dedicated to Provencal art, either focusing on the life and work of one painter or taking a theme like the current ‘Femmes en Provence’ on til 4th May.

Which makes the new exhibition ‘Autour du Bateau-Lavoir: Des artistes a Montmartre montmartre(1892-1930) et la Méditerranée’ a little different in that its main focus is on work done in Paris.  There are a couple of Marseillais painters included and the artists did get down to the south of France to work, but the story really revolves around the iconic Bateau-Lavoir building in Montmartre.  Just 100 years ago, this was very much on the edge of Paris, an exposed hillside with dairy cows grazing, 18 windmills and very cheap housing – hence its attraction for artists. bateaulavoir


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