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GroupeFWhat exactly these ‘Révelations’ will be remains to be seen but we can expect a dazzling display of water and fireworks, words and music, sound and video – all played out from the terraces of the Grand Théatre de Provence from 18:00.  The publicity says it will be tres poétique and that we will witness une ephémere tour de Babel.


Groupe F, the Arles-based organisation who are putting on the show, have already carried out 5 Révélations so far for MP2013: Arles, Cassis Martigues, Port Saint-Louis and Marseille.  Ours here in Aix is the sixth and penultimate event and promises to be spectacular.

It will be ideal for families but, says the publicity, the concept of ‘family’ is irrelevant for this event as whatever our age, we will all have the eyes of children.  I do love the way French marketeers put things!

So, a revelation in store for us all and I for one can’t wait!

Details of the organisation on: www.groupef.com  Expect road-closures around les Allées Provencales 17:30-19:00. www.aixenprovence.fr.



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Final post on Arles…and a recommendation to visit this ancient abbey which is showing some very modern art until 3rd November.

Flamboyant designer Christian Lacroix, who was brought up in Arles and loves the whole area, was brought in to curate (more…)

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image-boutique1La Belle-fille Aixcentric is not only a great cake-maker but she is also Arlesienne so when she recommended this café, I thought I should pass on the info.

It’s been started by two of her friends, Wendy and Amélie, who love (more…)

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This weekend, the Roman boat which had been on the bed of the Rhone for nearly 2000 years was finally unveiled in Arles; it’s all pieced back together, carefully preserved with resin, and quite magnificent.roman boat  The 31m boat had been sailing down the river with a cargo of 27 tonnes of stone when it sunk in a flood.  (more…)

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La Nuit des Musées on Saturday evening (18th May) is being celebrated throughout Europe.  The museums in Aix are open til late, will be free and some will offer music.  It’s quite nice to wander around them all and town is usually pretty busy.  Details here: http://www.ifestival.fr/article.php?id=3832

More exciting is the inauguration in Arles of Venus after 330 years in Paris!Venus_of_Arles_Louvre_Ma439_n01


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monopSome good news for Aix-based shoppers in that the new Monoprix will be opening early June.  It will be in the building behind the palais de Justice which has been empty for over 2 years since Décathalon left.  I always thought it was a shame they went as it was very handy to have a (more…)

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The works of Auguste Rodin are being celebrated at the Muséeaffiche Rodin Departemental Arles Antique in a major exhibition which gives us a chance to see them before they wow Paris at the end of the year.

The exhibits will show how Rodin was inspired by Greek and Roman sculpture: there are 264 statues and drawings, 132 by Rodin alongside 132 from antiquity.  They have come from the Louvre and the British Museum, as well as museums in Melbourne and Boston.  Info here: http://www.arles-antique.cg13.fr/.  Guided tours which last just over an hour take place at 12 and 16:00hrs and cost just 2€ on top of the normal entrance fee.  The museum is outside Arles and has a big car-park. Really easy to visit from Aix.

But his relationships with the people around him were wanting to say the least.  Last year I reviewed ‘Hidden in the Shadow of the Master‘ in which Ruth Butler described his treatment of his eventual wife Rose Beuret.  Young sculptor Camille Claudel wascamille another person who suffered from her experiences as his pupil and then his mistress.  Her sad descent into mental illness led to her being committed to an asylum in the Vaucluse, 100 years ago, and the institution have commemorated this by mounting an exhibition of 13 of her sculptures.  Read about it here: http://www.ch-montfavet.fr/.  Camille lived there for another 30 years, until her death in 1943.  A film of her experiences, starring Juliette Binoche, was recently showing at the Renoir, but I just couldn’t make myself watch it.  What a sad story.  But it’s good that she is getting some belated recognition. More on these two artists:  http://www.musee-rodin.fr/en/rodin/educational-files/rodin-and-camille-claudel

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