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The annual ‘Marche des Rois’ is taking place on Sunday 14th January.  It’s a must for families, photographers and lovers of Provence. (more…)


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What with Chandeleur in France and Pancake Tuesday in the UK, February is a goodIMG_8684 time to get whipping up some batter for pastries and crepes.  But if you prefer to treat yourself to something here in Aix, there’s lots of choice.

As well as navettes  (see last post), the traditional pets de nonnes – nuns’ farts – are in (more…)

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These things are puzzling me – can anyone help? (more…)

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Info for this weekend:  Seeking Matisse

                                               A Vineyard trail

                                               Bandol’s Pottery Market

Reading the British press this morning reminded me how much we have here on our doorstep in Aix to explore.  For instance, the Independent has a piece on Matisse whose exhibition ofvence_matisse_chapel_altar fabulous colourful cut-outs has just opened at Tate Modern.  The paper gives a useful Matisse trail around the Cote d’Azur, the star attraction of course being the Chapelle du Rosaire in Vence.  It really is beautiful and well worth a visit.  Here is the Independent article followed by the website for the chapel which has quirky opening hours: http://www.independent.co.uk/travel/europe/henri-matisse-and-his-cte-of-many-colours-9259267.html; http://www.vence.fr/la-chapelle-du-rosaire-chef-d?lang=fr

Meanwhile the Guardian has an interesting piece leading us round the writer’s Top Ten favourite vineyards in Provence (more…)

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When I was writing my book and researching the chapter on the effect of World War 1 on Aix, itIMG_7013 seemed that there was some sort of controversy surrounding the troops from Provence but I couldn’t find details. ‘La Faute au Midi’, a new book and exhibition, tells all and it is truly an appalling story.

On 1st August 1914, just after 3 in the afternoon, the orders for mobilisation were given – bells rang, gendarmes went to villages on their bikes and posters were plastered on to walls. Young men throughout Provence rushed to get in the harvest before going to enlist and the two companies of professional soldiers based in Aix were soon heading north. The mood was sombre but confident, soldiers expecting to be in Berlin within two months.


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Rue-des-CordeliersDo you have a business or activity you would like to promote?  Or do you need local support for your venture?

If so, the MAABN (Mediterranean Anglo American Business Network) can help; and this month, they are holding a session in Aix.

On Tuesday 11th March, they will be meeting at the Atelier Cuisine de Mathilde at 58 rue des Cordeliers.  If you’re a Brit you go to the first floor; Americans should keep going up to the second.

‘The Aix Networking Tuesdays provide an opportunity to meet MAABN members from the surrounding area who sometimes cannot make it to the Marseille events. So come and join us on March 11 and network with some new faces!’ they say.

Timing: 18:30-21:00.  Free to members; 15 euros on the door for non-members.  http://www.maabn.fr/category/maabn-events/


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Groupe F, who lit up the Athens Olympics, the 1998 World Cup closing ceremony and the opening of the Millenium celebrations at the Eiffel Tower, will be marking the end of MP2013 with a massive (more…)

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