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May 28th will see the return of the thrice-weekly Food Market to the newly-pedestrianised and smartly-paved Places Verdun-Precheurs where it was up to 2016.  The Textile and Brocante stalls will stay in the cours Mirabeau, and the two areas will be linked by the Artisanat Market which will occupy rue Thiers. (more…)

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IMG_0028-001Returning to Aix last week, it was good to see the textile market stalls back together in the Cours Mirabeau after being scattered around during the Christmas period; but further changes are afoot from June onwards and the stall holders are not happy. (more…)

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It is just wonderful to see all the big buckets of mimosa in the markets right now.  It just seems to come along at the right time.  We’ve taken down our Christmas lights and packed away the tinsel – everywhere looks a little grey and bare – then these beautiful yellow blossoms appear on the streets to gladden our hearts.

It doesn’t last long indoors of course – usually 3 days – but in these gloomy times a 3€ armful can be so cheering.

Markets – the saga goes on.  I gather from La Provence that the town authorities still can’t come to an agreement with the clothese stall-holders who want to have their Tuesday markets again, on the cours Mirabeau.  At the moment they just have their Thursday market there, but extended until 15:00hrs.  In a complication I hadn’t thought of, the other market – the antiques and food stall holders in the Place des Precheurs – are missing the clothes market and the customers it attracts each Thursday.  The next step is a full report from the town in February when the go-ahead for resuming Tuesday markets will be given – or not.

Pizza – Pizza Capri has, I think, the best pizza this side of Rome.  There are always queues at its kiosk at the side of the Deux Garçons.  Last year they opened another branch in the Place Richelme (next to Happy Days) and now they have a new counter at the bottom of rue Espariat called Pizza Capri Rotonde.  Most people – especially students – just munch slices as they go but there are leaflets telling you which cafés will let you take your pizza inside provided you buy a drink.

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