Tomorrow’s speaker is Mei Yee Lam whose presentation is called ‘The Rules of the Mind’ is a  Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT) Practitioner. She helps clients to regain and upgrade their lives from the cause and root of problems where negative, unhelpful thought patterns or limiting beliefs such as phobias, stress, fears, addiction, addictions, confidence have held them back.

But the session starts with the opportunity of a 1-minute intro by everyone, then the presentation followed by networking and refreshments. If you are daunted by the thought of speaking, one can always read something prepared.  Says founder Rebecca Ronane, “It’s not always easy to make social connections here in Provence as an outsider, especially in business: Network Provence is an opportunity to meet like-minded women in the area.”


Where and When: Thursday, October 24 15.00 -17.00 Network Provence will be meeting at the Ibis Aix en Provence 

Further details: http://networkprovence.com/

A tiramisu bar!  What’s not to like?  Launched by a dynamic young couple, there are seven flavours and a choice of toppings, all made in-house.  Small premises so mainly take-away.  Le Tiramisu is at 191 Bd de Saint-Marcel (11th). tel: 33-7-68-74-86-55. https://www.facebook.com/laprovence/videos/2476335939266028/?v=2476335939266028

Alinea who have loads of lovely things for the home have opened a boutique at the Docks Village in Marseille: https://www.lesdocks-marseille.com/boutiques/45/alinea

and while you are there, you may like to visit Le Hippie Chic Café, one of the new eateries recommended by ‘Made in Marseille’.  Can’t wait to try it!  Read on…

Les bars et restos “tendances” qui font bouger Marseille

Aix Vide Grenier

It’s time for the town to have its annual clear-out.  The Aix vide-grenier takes place on Sunday 13th October, from 08:30, all down the cours Sextius.

Such fun if you like rooting around for bargains!

Summer is over, it’s cooled down and it’s time to get back to the theatre.
Local theatre-lover Karen Wildau, who has been pioneering National Theatre transmissions in Aix for several years now, is delighted  to be able to bring The Lehman Trilogy to the Renaissance Hotel on Oct. 13. at 2:30 p.m.  
She told Aixcentric, ‘Allow me to share with you some of the praise from others:
This is a story of a family and a company that changed the world, told in three parts in a single performance by three wonderful actors (Simon Russell Beale, Adam Godley and Ben Miles) who play the Lehman brothers, their sons and grandsons. On a cold September morning in 1844, a young man from Bavaria stands on a New York dockside.  Dreaming of a new life in the new world.  He is soon joined by his two brothers and an American epic begins.  163 years later, the firm they establish-Lehman Brothers- spectacularly collapses into bankruptcy and triggers the largest financial crisis in history.  (NTL Website)
‘The Lehman Trilogy’ is a genuinely epic production , directed by Sam Mendes, scripted by the Italian playwright Stefano Massini, and adapted into English by Ben Power.  The New York Times wrote that ‘it follows the blossoming of a small Alabama clothing store in the 1840s, founded by three immigrant Jewish brothers from Bavaria, into an international powerhouse of the stock exchange, before its world-rattling collapse in 2008. What is wrought by those three original brothers and their descendants is impressive, for sure, as they redefine the nature of getting and spending in the United States, while accumulating unbounded personal wealth.”
Karen continues: ‘And what is equally as epic is the staging of this masterful play,  I think I can say with some certainly that you have never seen anything quite like this unique production, staged in an enormous glass box which is as much a prop as a stage and  a backdrop’.
This is a three hour production with two intervals.  The link to purchase tickets is:https://www.weezevent.com/the-lehman-trilogy 

Following my post on the water taxi service from Marseille’s Vieux Port to Pointe Rouge and L’Estaque closing for winter this weekend, there has been a development. Continue Reading »

A week after the Journées du Patrimoine comes Journées des Visites Gourmandes this weekend (Fri 27-Sat 28th) celebrating  local artisans: visitors can call into enterprises all over the Bouches-du-Rhone to watch the production of chocolate, navettes, calissons, biscuits, ceramics, goats cheese, wine, bread….Here’s the list https://www.myprovence.fr/agenda-culturel/rassemblements/provence/158079-les-journees-des-visites-gourmandes with addresses and opening times.

A perfect opportunity to go behind the scenes and see some of these typical Provencal items being produced.

However quintessentially French these events may be, the organisers lapse into English to describe the pleasures ahead. ‘Midi Minuit en Republique’ is described as ‘la grande garden-party’, where there will be ‘street-food’ and ‘cooking-shows’.

This twelve-hour event takes place  just off the Vieux Port in the rue de la Republique with food served around a ‘grande table conviviale’.  Saturday 28th Sept.

The following day sees ‘Le Brunch des Producteurs’ up in the open square atop Fort Saint-Jean (next to MuCEM).  More English here as we are invited to ‘venir bruncher’ on creations whipped up by the chefs of the Mole Passedat.  Dishes are priced at between 3-12 euros and will be served at more ‘grandes tables conviviales’.  Sounds like fun and the views, of course, will be superb.

Just an update on the picnic parties being organised for 5-6 October.  (https://aixcentric.com/2019/09/20/book-now-for-four-star-chefs-picnics/).  If you have a Pass My Provence card, and pay for one adult picnic box, you get the second one free!

You have til 2nd October to book.

Details of how  to get a Pass My Provence card are here; http://pass.myprovence.fr/  too late for this event probably, but a very useful card to have if you are a resident of Bouches-du-Rhone.