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Ryanair have just announced that they are to fly to 11 new destinations from Marseille, making 40 in total.  Click below for the schematic.


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Ryanair has announced 16 new destinations to visit from its base at Marseille-Provence Airport, a batch of 9 in April, with 7 to follow in October.


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Arriving back in Aix this week, it was great to see:

a) the e-gates in operation at T1, Marseille Airport

b) the sun.

Fascinating to learn that, this year, Paris has had 4 minutes of sun, while Aix has enjoyed (more…)

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Good news for travellers – Marseille Provence Airport is installing facial recognition technology to speed travellers through passport control. (more…)

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…. first, Happy Today which is 8 11 18, unusual in that it reads forwards, backwards and UPSIDE DOWN as well.  How cool is that?

And talking of cool, we can be heading north to Scandinavia from the end of June, (more…)

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Marseille Airport is currently on the list of places targeted.

© Claude Almodovar

Activists dubbed ‘gilets jaunes’ will be turning out to block roads and autoroutes across France on 17th November to protest about rising fuel prices.

This website has a map of the places which will be affected – there are also links for relevant Facebook groups.  https://www.blocage17novembre.com/

On the list locally: (more…)

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Yes more ‘travaux’!

Work started this week on a new 700m sliproad that will enable traffic coming down the Montée d’Avignon, A51, (from Celony or Venelles), turn right on to the A8 and head for Lyon.  At present, they either have to go through Jas de Bouffan, or join the A8 heading east and manoeuvre around Pont de l’Arc to join the A8 westbound.  3700 vehicles a day pass through Jas.

The new sliproad is scheduled to be finished by 2020 at a cost of 13,8 million euros. It will involve constructing two bridges – one across a road, the other over a railway line, see diagram above.

Clearly something similar is needed in the opposite direction, to take motorists from the A8 to the A51 but this second phase is more complex, both in terms of the environment it will pass through but also in that a fly-over will be necessary.  A public enquiry will be held next year with an aim of delivery in 2025.  Costs are thought to be over 50 million euros.

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