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This confinement, difficult enough any time of the year for small businesses, must feel like the final straw in this, the run-up to Christmas. And an added problem for them is that we turn to online suppliers and fall for the charms of doorstep deliveries, now and for future purchases.

Enough! says the Region Sud who preside over 6 departements, a big swathe of the south of France.  ”On dit ‘stop’ a Amazon.  Pour Noel, achetons nos cadeaux pres de chez vous!”

To help locals do this, last week they launched a new website https://sauvernoel.maregionsud.fr/.

You simply type in your location and category of what you are looking for and details of nearby businesses from their online directory pop up.  Sauvons Noel…

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‘Plantes Pour Tous’ was started in 2017 by two urban-garden specialists who wanted to bring house plants direct from the growers to nature-loving townies.

They organise big weekend sales with plants priced at 2, 5, 10 and 15 euros.  Last time they had one in Aix I saw queues of people waiting to snag a bargain.

Interested? (more…)

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‘Catastrophe’ is the word used by the traders’ association president to describe the ‘Les Docks’ office, shopping and dining development opposite Les Terrasses du Port.  Housed in beautifully renovated warehouses, the ground-floor thoroughfare was designed to take 80 shops and restaurants.  It opened in October 2015 and my view when I visited was basically that there were several new developments happening across Marseille, especially around the docks, and there’s a limit to what would be commercially viable.  And that was before Covid!  Click here for background: https://aixcentric.com/2016/10/11/marseille-latest-docksshopping-news/ (more…)

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News from the Mairie of ‘la Market Place Aixoise’, a digital map of shops open, when, where and what they can provide.

It’s to help us all quickly source supplies – and to provide a platform for shops to advertise their products, offer deliveries and contact-free payments and launch promotions.

New addresses will be added as they re-open for business. A local company has developed the platform which is free for the next few months.

A useful service for both businesses and inhabitants of Aix.

Here are details: http://www.aixenprovence.fr/La-market-place-aixoise-de-proximite

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A lady contacted me recently for dates for the 2020 Sunday Antiques Market in the Cours Mirabeau.  I couldn’t find anything online so dropped into the tourist office for details. (more…)

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It’s a year since the Cours Sextius was so suddenly closed to traffic: the inhabitants of numbers 90-98 were given just half an hour to collect what belongings they could, and leave their homes which were in danger of imminent collapse. (more…)

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Dec 4 is the feast of Sainte-Barbe and the traditional day for planting your blé d’ésperance.

If you are new to the area, this is the mix of seeds sold in little packets everywhere in town for 1€. The custom is to germinate the seeds on damp fabric on the window-sill so that you soon have lovely green shoots. You tie a red satin ribbon around them and place them on your Christmas Eve table as a pretty Provençal centrepiece and to ensure prosperity for the following year. (more…)

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Just Opened in Marseille

A tiramisu bar!  What’s not to like?  Launched by a dynamic young couple, there are seven flavours and a choice of toppings, all made in-house.  Small premises so mainly take-away.  Le Tiramisu is at 191 Bd de Saint-Marcel (11th). tel: 33-7-68-74-86-55. https://www.facebook.com/laprovence/videos/2476335939266028/?v=2476335939266028

Alinea who have loads of lovely things for the home have opened a boutique at the Docks Village in Marseille: https://www.lesdocks-marseille.com/boutiques/45/alinea

and while you are there, you may like to visit Le Hippie Chic Café, one of the new eateries recommended by ‘Made in Marseille’.  Can’t wait to try it!  Read on…

Les bars et restos “tendances” qui font bouger Marseille

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It’s a sign of the times that people are reclaiming the streets from the remorseless  increase in traffic and it’s no different in Marseille’s main thoroughfare La Canebiere which is going from this:


to this:


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