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I recently posted about both MuCEM and the museums in Avignon wheeling out  items from their archives, and now it looks like the three municipal museums in Aix are getting in on the act:  their theme is vegetation. (more…)

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…you may be interested in the new space opened in the Fort Saint-Jean in July. 

(c) MuCEM, Gabriel Popoff


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Most museums have massive amounts of ‘stuff’ filed, heaped, mounded away in archives, basements and

warehouses.  The question is: what do they do with it all?

It really is an issue: Marseille’s MuCEM inherited the contents of the Musée National des Arts et Traditions Populaires in Paris and now has around one million items.  Over in Avignon, the town’s museums can only show 10% of their treasures at any one time.

Both, right now, are exhibiting items from their reserves, but in very different ways.  MuCEM have introduced a programme based on the alphabet, choosing one item per letter, and based on a theme.  In the spring it was ‘Amour’ and from this week, ‘Animaux’.  Meanwhile, in Avignon, the very creative local designer Christian Lacroix has been given the run of the basements to choose whatever appealed to his discerning eye. (more…)

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Before the A8 autoroute came along with its thundering heavy traffic, it was easy for Paul Cezanne to wander across to the plateau at La Constance from the family bastide at Jas de Buffan, to paint the Sainte-Victoire, the Pilon du Roi and the new viaduct taking the railway line into Aix.  Even more reason to visit was when, in 1886, his young sister Rose and family moved to the 18th century Bastide Bellevue, perched on the slope.  He enjoyed the views from her property so much that he produced 8 paintings here, and brought his friend Renoir, too, to paint alongside him. (more…)

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St Tropez this weekend

It should be splendid weather this weekend for the huge event Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez, which runs 28th September – 7th October.  It’s the final big bash of the season with 300 modern and classical yachts in the port (more…)

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Last call…for people wanting a ride on the ‘navettes martimes’ the boats that go from Marseille’s Vieux Port down to Pointe Rouge or westwards to L’Estaque. The service ends Sunday (30th) and resumes in the spring.

Sunday is a good day for a visit to Marseille as (more…)

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The new Metropole has inherited 15 different transport networks and has decided to combine them all under one new brand identity.  And yes it will affect our buses here in Aix. So this is what we need to get used to seeing… (more…)

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