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Some well-known acts are in the line-up this year for the Festival de Nimes which takes place in the Roman arena, 2000 years old, what a venue!

Newcastle’s finest Sting (more…)

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The Midnight Ramblers who have been covering Stones classics for 25 years will be playing the Salle des Fetes in Nans-les-Pins on Saturday 8th February.

All five musicians are French with an Avignon-born ‘Mick Jagger’ leading the vocals.  Will it be Satisfaction for the crowd?  Will there be Sticky Fingers at the buvette?

Just 10€ a ticket………a memorable evening for all.  Details on the poster.

Thanks to Julia for this info.

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The not-to-be-missed traditional Marche des Rois takes place on Sunday 12th January. It’s very well-known locally but if you are new to Aix, do make sure you get into town for this special event.


The procession, headed by the three kings with their camels, makes its way through town and is followed by all  manner of animals and locals dressed as Provencal characters.  It’s always fun, and Aix is usually lucky to have three camels as they are much in demand across the region on this weekend! (more…)

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Free Franco-German Christmas concert at L’Eglise Saint Jean de Malte – the poster says it all…

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Pizza Capri Destroyed Too

Sadly the ‘2G’ fire also devastated the tiny Pizza Capri which inhabited a niche on the right-hand side of the building. (more…)

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…with 68 events featuring Corsican, Armenian, Gospel and Cossack choirs.  Most are in Marseille, but there are dates for locations around the Bouches-du-Rhone, with each choir performing once in Aix. (more…)

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Two unmissable carol concerts at the Cathedral in Aix, one international and one very Swedish!

………..Plus Bach in Venelles. 

The annual International Carol Concert will be held on Sunday 1st IMG_2036December.  It’s hugely popular so get there well before the 16:00 start if you want a seat.  Carols, candles and happiness guaranteed!

It’s the turn of the Swedish community on 13th December.  They will celebrate the feast of Santa Lucia and the coming of the light with a beautiful service, again at the Cathedral, this time at 18:00. All lights are extinguished as the young singers enter the ancient cathedral, their candles providing the only illumination amongst the deep shadows – a magical moment.

Or there’s a classical concert, the Cantate de l’Avent’ by JS Bach at the Eglise Saint-Hippolyte in Venelles, 1st Dec 17:00Communiqué de presse – Célébrer l’Avent avec JS Bach 2019.12.01

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