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That’s it for now!  Summer in Provence is full of picnics and jazz in vineyards, cinema under the stars, night markets, art trails and this year, lots  of MPG2019 gourmet events.

Enjoy it all – here’s a bit of Ella Fitzgerald with music for the moment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlMWW4R1ZBM

See you in September!

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Friday evening sees the annual Fete de la Musique which used to be a  sprawling event with all types of musicians playing music of  all genres, mainly very loudly, all over town. It seems though, since the deadly events in Nice during a summer festival, this type of event  has to be properly secured, something very difficult to do in our old town of tiny streets.  (more…)

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If you’ve ever wanted to do a course orchestrated by a top French chef, now is your chance, though you will have to share the experience with 999 other cooks.  Lionel Levy of the Intercontinental Marseille Hotel Dieu will be demonstrating live as part of the ‘MPG2019, l’année de la Gastronomie en Provence’. 1000 participants will be helped by 25 chefs in preparing dishes which are, for the time being, a secret.  Not sure how it will work but it promises to be an experience!


Date: 28th June, 18;00

Cost: 5€

Here’s the link  if you fancy joining in: https://www.weezevent.com/le-plus-grand-cours-de-cuisine-etoile-2




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Network Provence is a platform for women to promote their business,  blog,  club, project and to socialise.  It’s a thriving community and  has given women here in Provence an opportunity to  tell others what they are working on,  whether it be for profit or not.

I have attended a session and found it very friendly and constructive.  The next one is this Thursday in Aix:

Visitors are welcome to attend up to three meetings at a cost of €10 each time before becoming members.


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Two hundred artists and gallery-owners will be gathering in Aix to show over 4000 works to an estimated 25,000 visitors. You can either invest in something lovely for your home, or get some inspiration for your own creations.

To add to the enjoyment, there’s a restaurant, 3 food trucks and a glacier.

Cost: 10€

Programme: http://www.salonsmart-aix.com/article-88-le_programme_sur_sm_art_aix_2019








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May 28th will see the return of the thrice-weekly Food Market to the newly-pedestrianised and smartly-paved Places Verdun-Precheurs where it was up to 2016.  The Textile and Brocante stalls will stay in the cours Mirabeau, and the two areas will be linked by the Artisanat Market which will occupy rue Thiers. (more…)

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It’s a busy day in prospect with:

Formula One cars and films in Aix

Cheese and Honey in Fuveau

and a Bal Patriotique in Marseille.


Let’s start in Aix with the free Formula One roadshow.


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