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…Starting tomorrow, Sunday 4th September, (more…)

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Being in England right now, I can only dream about French tomatoes.  (more…)

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The subject of the next exhibition at the Hotel Caumont which starts in October has been announced.  The clue is in the colour.


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Signac et Saint-Tropez

From Thursday 5 May to Sunday 9 October 2022

In 1892, Parisian artist Paul Signac arrived in Saint Tropez on his boat, Olympia.  He chanced upon the tiny port when he ran into bad weather and needed safe harbour.

It was to become his home for the next 26 years and his presence attracted fellow artists like Matisse, Manguin, Bonnard, Derain and Seurat.  A true artists’ colony developed and he wrote to his mother ‘There is enough material to work on for the rest of my days. Happiness is what I have just discovered’.

May 2022 was the 130th anniversary of the painter’s arrival and the Museum of Saint-Tropez, L’Annonciade’ has honoured his memory with the temporary exhibition ‘Signac et Saint-Tropez.’

The museum talks of his establishing ‘a real artistic breeding ground, a sort of laboratory of the avant-garde, thus conferring on Saint-Tropez an artistic fame first, then literary, cinematographic, festive, and then increasingly touristy with a jet-set varnish which has not, however, totally undermined the authenticity of the peninsula.’

Interestingly, he and his painter friends left such detailed impressions of the port and the architecture of the houses on the quay, that they were accurate guides for the reconstruction after the bombardment of the port in WW2.

The collection of local art-works was assembled in 1922 and found a home in 1955 in L’Annonciade, a 16th century chapel on the quayside. It is a delight to visit.

Alas the town’s popularity has resulted in really heavy traffic during the summer months with the road into the port often being nose-to-tail.  Best to wait til September when things quieten down, or get the boat over from Sainte Maxime, a lovely journey which ensures you arrive just like Paul Signac.

Extra!  Curator Séverine Berger (conservateur en chef du patrimoine) will be giving a guided tour on Monday evenings.

Details: Open 10-19:00 during the summer. Outside the holiday period, hours vary, for instance the museum closes for the whole of November, so it is safer to call first. Tel: 04 94 17 84 10 or try http://www.sainttropeztourisme.com.

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Ten free piano recitals under the banner ‘Sur les Routes de Provence’ will take place during early August.

The departement of Bouches de Rhone, a partner of the International Piano Festival at La Roque d’Antheron, is enabling performers to take their music to different communities in the region: here’s the programme…




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which are run by the Aix Marseille Metropole.

Locally, this includes the Piscine Yves Blanc near the Torse, (pictured), and the Piscine Sainte-Victoire, a 10-minute drive away near Venelles.  This latter has a 50m outside pool with dazzling views of the mountain.  They are literally dazzling as the sun bounces off the surface of the water.  Cool customers sport swimming-sun-goggles, not something I knew existed…not generally needed in our UK pools!

Free until 15 August – Profitez!

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…apart of course from the 2 hr Sculpture and Architecture walk through their 600 acres of vineyards; then there are sweeping views right over to the mountains from the summit; and it all can be rounded off with a meal at one of their eating places, 3 restaurants and a café/ terrasse.

But this summer you can also see:

  1.  Recently installed, ‘Box Car’ by Bob Dylan


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The Route de Cezanne, which the artist used to follow from the Torse to Le Tholonet, is the only road in France to have ‘monument historique’ status. It opens to pedestrians and cyclists very occasionally and Sunday 26th June gives everyone this rare pleasure all afternoon. It’s 4.6km of twisty country roads, a bit hilly in places, but shaded from the sun by lots of trees. Artists of course have been following in Cezanne’s footsteps for years. Leo Marchutz, 1903-1976, was a German painter, lithgrapher and teacher who lived and worked at the Chateau Noir for three and a half decades.  His work can be seen in the Louvre, the Met in New York and, nearer to home, the Musee Granet. Celebrating Marchutz…


Anthony Marchutz will be discussing the first part of his father’s journal, Denise Lemoine will highlight recent discoveries and film director James Ruffato will present progress on his documentary on the artist.  Sunday 26th June, 10.30-11.30, Salle de l’Ours, Le Tholonet.

The Streets of Aix – Like You Have Never Seen Them Before!
On Sunday afternoon, June 26th between 2-6pm, at the Atelier Marchutz, there’s an ephemeral exhibition dedicated to the streets of Aix and the lithographs they inspired.

Lithography was Marchutz’s sole means of artistic expression from 1947 to 1964. They represent the core and largest part of his oeuvre. A selection of 25 of his architectural landscapes of Aix, will be paired with recent photographs of their urban motifs. The photos, veritable works of art in their own right, were taken by Joël Biletta, professional art photographer who has carried out numerous photo shoots of Marchutz’s work.  (5 av du General Peraud).

From Stone to Paper
Learn About a Largely Misunderstood Art Form

Lithography, or the art of printing from a flat stone, is a 200 year-old, largely misunderstood  process. Despite the fact that it had a pronounced influence on the works of Pierre Bonnard, Toulouse-Lautrec, Marc Chagall and Henri Matisse. . .

Leo Marchutz brought numerous innovations to the lithographic practice, which he lifted to a very high artistic level.

Learn more at The American College of the Mediterranean / IAU, on Tuesday, July 5th at 6:30 pm for a three-part conference on Leo Marchutz and lithography. They say, ‘You will never look at a lithograph in the same way again.’

The American College of the Mediterranean / IAU
2 bis, rue du Bon Pasteur, Aix.



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Back after a two-year hiatus, the 20th C’est Sud festival is taking place next weekend.


Look out for lots of creative activity, harnessing the talents and energy of the young Aixois, taking place around town.  Stand-out events on the 25th include the construction of a Lego monument (parents can join in!) from 15:00. to a performance by ‘Cats on Trees’ on the big stage at 22:00…both in the Cours Mirbeau.

Details? Here you go: https://www.aixenprovence.fr/C-est-Sud-fete-ses-20-ans-Les-25-et-26-Juin


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