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Eating in Marseille: New Ideas

So much happening in the culinary space in France’s second city right now, I can barely keep up.   Here are a couple of links which may be useful.  Each has several interesting suggestions with full details and photos.

Photo from ‘Le Grand Guste’

The first relates to eating places that are reviving traditional menus and vintage décor. The recommendations include restaurants from various parts of the city centre, so you should be able to find one near to where you are visiting.  https://madeinmarseille.net/59920-resto-marseille-bon-plan-cuisine-gastronomie-culinaire-restaurant/

The second is a listing of boulangeries where you can buy additive-free, bio, and sans gluten breads, patisseries, fougasses and so on.  Must visit the delightfully-named ‘House of Pain’. https://madeinmarseille.net/60139-selection-boulangerie-bio-gluten/

Bon Ap!

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Here’s a addition to my recent post on healthy snacks, Le Pokebowl serves, (more…)

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Chateau Lacoste has built a collection of world-class art and architecture over the past few years, a prestigious spot indeed for local students to show their work: the exhibition, ‘Briser La Glace’ has

The beautiful Tadao Ando restaurant at Chateau Lacoste. A memorable spot for lunch.

been created by young artists from the Aix School of Art.

“The works by these young artists are very avant-garde, not the usual pretty pictures to hang over the couch. Admittedly not everyone’s cup of tea but extremely interesting. They are beautifully installed in the gallery next to the wine tasting locale”, commented local art specialists who visited at the weekend.

Details here: EXPO_LA_COSTE_AIX_DP

Briser La Glace is open daily until 16th February

Thanks to J and B for sending this info to Aixcentric.

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Aix: Snack Attack

As the number of students seems to increase each year, so the number of outlets selling light lunches grows – and the trend to including vegetarian/vegan/sans gluten options grows too.  Last week, being a  fan of Middle East cooking, (more…)

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Tomorrow, 26 January, sees the return of Les Dimanches de la Canebière, (more…)

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This morning – another large tree being felled

Yes, more trees are coming down.  Three have disappeared from outside Monoprix, not the very large plane trees, nor the very new ones, but those that have been planted for a few years.  But further up the road, I witnessed the demise of one of the beautiful plane trees, this time outside the bookshop Goulard. (more…)

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KFC in Vieux Port….

The joke I got in my Christmas cracker last week wasn’t entirely accurate: ‘Why do French people eat snails?’ Answer….’Because they don’t like fast food’.

But as we know, many of them really really do.  For instance, France is now Macdonald’s second most profitable market, after the US, which is surprising given the animosity there was towards the brand when we first arrived in Provence.  Much of the turnaround has been steered by their CEO who has introduced salads, patisseries, local produce and, thumbs up to him, little books in many ‘Happy Meals’ instead of plastic toys.

So perhaps the news that KFC has just opened in Marseille’s Vieux Port isn’t surprising, and perhaps too they will adapt their offers to local tastes. I just question whether a bright eye-catching American brand is best placed in the historical centre of France’s oldest city, especially after MPG2019.

It’s now open, at 4 quai de Rive Neuve.


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