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Available Soon – Vegan Rosé!

The team at Mirabeau en Provence in Cotignac has announced their new lower-alcohol, vegan rosé, Forever Summer.

They say, ‘Forever Summer is an aromatic wine, with a pleasant structure and a delicately spicy finish typical of the richer Syrah in the blend. This Rosé is a crowd pleaser that will be perfect as an aperitif or as an easy partner to plenty of cuisines’

Special features:

  • Vegan friendly
  • 11% ABV
  • Residual Sugar: 0.8/

Great news for Brits: Forever Summer will be available in Sainsburys from the end  of April!

Where else to buy? https://www.mirabeauwine.com/where-to-buy/

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Passédat goes to Paris

….promising traditional Marseille cuisine and southern sunshine for his new venture in the capital.


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If you are visiting Carrieres des Lumieres, lunch at nearby Fontvieille is a real pleasure.  La Cuisine au Planet is in a 16th century house in the centre of this beautiful village.  It really feels like the heart of Provence. (more…)

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Aix Café: Cool for Cats

Photo: Susan Gish

Cats and cakes are the twin passions of 27-year old Morgane who has just opened Le Meow Cats’ Café in Aix.  Big thanks to Susan whose report follows: (more…)

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If you are visiting the museums at Palais Longchamp, there is a warm and friendly traditional Marseille bar right opposite.  The Comptoir Longchamp has everything a local French bar should:


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I’ve been recommended to try Manlio’s pizza several times and finally got there today – and it really is good!  A young couple work from tiny premises at the top of rue Jacques de la Roque…on the left past the Cathedral, going up.

The chef is from Rome as is the concept of Pizza al Taglio, literally ‘by the slice’.  It’s cooked in rectangular trays and sold by the weight.  The base is quite thick but light and crunchy with bubbles, providing a non-soggy base for casual eating – it was developed in Rome to be held in the hand.  Perfect for munching in the chilly Aix streets right now!

There are a variety of toppings, and prices start at 5,70€ a (large) slice. All bases are gluten-free. Open Tues-Sat, 10-21hrs.  There are a couple of tables outside but most people in today’s cold wind were eating on the hoof, or taking it home to reheat. 

Thanks to Karina for reminding me to visit this one.


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Eating out with baby

We recently had a visit from Une Fille Aixcentric with two little ones, a toddler and a baby in a buggy.  Prams these days seem to be bulkier than they used to be and I suddenly realised that lunch in my favourite haunts would be challenging.  Cafes in town of course squish as many tables and chairs as they can into their small spaces, and les toilettes are very small, often down spiral staircases or tucked away through the back. Where could 4 adults and two little ones have lunch without re-arranging all the furniture?  And does any café in centre ville offer a children’s menu?

We ended up in a boulangerie at the far end of Les Allées Provencales, Chez Augustine, which had lots of space so we could all sit around a table – large ground-floor loo too.  Counters with drinks, sandwiches, filled baguettes, slices of tart and pizza, cakes but also little pots of yoghurt and fresh fruit. That did the trick. There’s also the Maison Cangina at the top of the cours Mirabeau which has a space and a similar range of snacks, hot soup too.  Neither fulfilled my need of a children’s menu though.

Days later, I was passing La Table aux Saisons and bingo!  A proper children’s menu, with a freshly cooked meal.  I should have thought of this one as the couple who run it are young parents and obviously know the value of home-cooking.  This restaurant is in rue Lieutaud and has reliably good food. Last time I was there, they had a little desk for drawing and colouring too. 

Do send in any suggestions – I can make a permanent page for parents looking for a suitable place for lunch for their little ones.


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