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KFC in Vieux Port….

The joke I got in my Christmas cracker last week wasn’t entirely accurate: ‘Why do French people eat snails?’ Answer….’Because they don’t like fast food’.

But as we know, many of them really really do.  For instance, France is now Macdonald’s second most profitable market, after the US, which is surprising given the animosity there was towards the brand when we first arrived in Provence.  Much of the turnaround has been steered by their CEO who has introduced salads, patisseries, local produce and, thumbs up to him, little books in many ‘Happy Meals’ instead of plastic toys.

So perhaps the news that KFC has just opened in Marseille’s Vieux Port isn’t surprising, and perhaps too they will adapt their offers to local tastes. I just question whether a bright eye-catching American brand is best placed in the historical centre of France’s oldest city, especially after MPG2019.

It’s now open, at 4 quai de Rive Neuve.


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A Taste of Paris in Soho

If your 2020 plans involve a trip to London, you might be interested in trying Brasserie Zedel which oozes Parisian ambiance but is literally a stone’s throw from Piccadilly Circus tube station.

We were scurrying in from Christmas shopping in the rain, but descending the Art Deco staircase into the large brasserie was like stepping into a gilded and marbled left-bank film-set in the heart of London’s West End. (more…)

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Pizza Capri Destroyed Too

Sadly the ‘2G’ fire also devastated the tiny Pizza Capri which inhabited a niche on the right-hand side of the building. (more…)

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Dec 4 is the feast of Sainte-Barbe and the traditional day for planting your blé d’ésperance.

If you are new to the area, this is the mix of seeds sold in little packets everywhere in town for 1€. The custom is to germinate the seeds on damp fabric on the window-sill so that you soon have lovely green shoots. You tie a red satin ribbon around them and place them on your Christmas Eve table as a pretty Provençal centrepiece and to ensure prosperity for the following year. (more…)

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Picard in Aix have just stocked up with their buches de Noel, lots of seasonal canapés and their usual festive desserts.

These delightful Oursons Glacés were a big hit yesterday with petit-fils Aixcentric, and their centre-piece for the Christmas table, Le Fabuleux Sapin made from mousse, ganache and meringue looks stylish.

Some Picard products are available in the UK via Ocado, but I can’t find these on their online catalogue…..what a shame!


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Such a great city with so many aspects that are truly unique.  If you want to explore Marseille, and its surrounds, from lots of different view-points, have a look at the kaleidoscope of activities offered by Marseille Autrement.  There are walks, talks, meetings, meals in out-of-the-way restos, conferences….so many opportunities to deepen your knowledge of this fascinating city.  This organisation really does lift the curtain and take you behind the scenes.

Here is the current list to give you an idea of their activities, some free, others with a small fee: https://www.marseille-autrement.fr/sorties

Thanks to Robert W for recommending this to Aixcentric!

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All of a sudden it seems that Christmas is upon us and Aix really celebrates Christmas in style.

Here are the main festive markets (more…)

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