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The Hard Rock café in Marseille’s Cours d’Estienne d’Orves has just closed after (more…)


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Here are some ideas for Sunday which promises to be action-packed. (more…)

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Pizza Capri – Latest

When we first had our flat in Aix, a friend advised us that Pizza Capri made the best pizza in town.

Not having tried them all, I couldn’t say, but it is certainly really good as the long queues testify.

It’s now opening its 6th outlet at the Rond-Point du Lycée, and, best of all it is now (more…)

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This magazine from ‘La  Provence’ is a mine of information for those cooking and dining locally.  This issue (Septembre-Octobre) spotlights bouillabaisse and prints recipes from various renowned chefs.

I always like the section where they review new restaurants – there are 16 featured, among  them: (more…)

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Wild about Saffron?

The number of local farmers producing saffron is increasing – it used to be widely grown in the south of France but phylloxera wiped it out early in the last century – so it is good to see that it is being produced once more. Harvesting is an incredibly fiddly job for the safranieres, and it has to be done on the morning the crocuses flower; this will be from the beginning of October, depending on the weather.

Saffron grown in Trets is usually available from nearby ‘Clos la Neuve’ on the N7 (04 94 59 86 03), and there is also a  Gardanne producer – http://www.safranducativel. fr

Luckily for the Aixois, Le Safran du Cativel will be one of the participants at the Fete de la Gastronomie in Parc Jourdan on Saturday 23rd September (see previous post).  Here is some fascinating detail on this ancient spice: http://www.bbc.com/news/business-41110151
Thank you to Marilyn and Juliet for this information.
Even more on gastronomy coming up on the next two posts……………

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Marseille will be celebrating the Fete de la Gastronomie with 7 events/picnics which are described here: https://www.myprovence.fr/fete-de-la-gastronomie?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIzs-Wz7C01gIVir3tCh3ZdQBREAAYASAAEgI0DPD_BwE

But neatly, it overlaps with the monthly pedestrianisation of the famous La Canebiere, which has been organised by the local Mairie to bring people back to the town centre.

That has to be a good idea when the livelihoods of traders there must have been challenged by all the retail developments in the docks.  There is usually dancing, music, children’s entertainments, market stalls and food trucks.  This month, to mark the theme of gastronomy, they have declared that the guest-star is NOAILLES. If you haven’t visited this fascinating market, Sunday will be a great opportunity.

Details here: http://marseille1-7.fr/canebiere/


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Les Vendanges Etoilés is taking place 22nd-24th September in Cassis.  It looks fun! It includes: (more…)

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