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It’s easy to take the Eiffel Tower for granted – it’s been part of the Parisian landscape for over 100 years now.  What is there new to say about it?  We all know how the competition to mark the 1889 Paris World Fair ended, so no tension there. (more…)

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Opening at Cinema…Belfast

Belfast in the late 60s is the focus of this semi-autobiographical film written, produced and directed by Kenneth Branagh.  It’s already bagged the People’s Choice award at the Toronto International Film Festival and has been nominated for 7 Oscars.

It tells the story of 9-year old Buddy, son of a working class Protestant family, trying to survive the outbreak of ‘The Troubles’ which are increasingly impacting on their lives, despite their efforts to keep out of harm’s way.  Young Jude Hill has won acclaim for his portrayal of Buddy and magnetic couple Caitriona Balfe and Jamie Dornan play his parents.  But my Oscar would go to Judi Dench who makes a wonderful Irish granny.  She seems able to morph herself into any role.

Music by Van Morrison adds flavour to this engrossing story.

Belfast is at the Mazarin in Aix from 2nd March, following its premiere on Monday 28 Feb.

Personal note: you might like to think twice before watching the trailer as it threads together many of the highlights and could take away some of the impact of this thoughtful film.



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Happy Birthday to Cezanne

Happy Birthday Paul Cezanne…183 today!

An event today in Aix will celebrate this birthday. Painter and writer Jacky Chabert who has published several books on Aix and Cezanne with Editions Desbaumes, will be signing his latest works ‘P.Cezanne aquarelliste’ and ‘Paul Cezanne, le temps d’un Abécédaire’. The great-grandson of the painter, Philippe Cezanne will attend. Today, 15h – 18h, Hotel des Augustins, rue de la Masse, Aix.

If you are new to Aix and seek further acquaintance with the town’s most famous artist, here are some suggestions. (more…)

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Many of you will be familiar with the series of mystery novels set in and around Aix by locally-based Canadian author M.L. Longworth.  Each one brings a fresh challenge to Antoine Verlaque, investigating judge in Aix, with his romantic partner lawyer Marine Bonnet, who together track down the villains through vineyards, the Provencal countryside and the atmospheric streets of centre ville.


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French Films to Enjoy

Browsing in an English charity shop, I came across ‘Mississippi Mermaid’, a film from the 60s by Francois Truffault.  It tells the story of a bachelor in la Reunion played by Jean-Paul Belmondo.  Lonely, he advertises for a prospective marriage partner and eagerly rushes to greet the Mississippi, the boat bringing her to the island.  Enter Catherine Deneuve.

The pair find themselves travelling to France, where they decide to stay in Aix! (more…)

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At the Cinema

I read that there’s an avalanche of around 250 films ready to pour forth into French cinemas after they have been dark for so long; so a chance now to catch up with Oscar winners and nominees.

‘Nomadland’ which won three Oscars including best film has its premier on 6th June at 16.20 at the Renoir before being on general release from the 9th.

Also on show ‘Promising Young Woman’ and ‘The Father’.

Check them outhttps://www.lescinemasaixois.com/films/alaffiche

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A Joyful Re-opening


Great cover there Télérama!  And welcome back to all who are finally opening doors tomorrow.  I know there have been big sighs of relief at Aix’s cinemas.  Here’s their programme:



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French Flicks

It’s sometimes difficult to find a suitable French film to watch so I was delighted to stumble across

One of the 65 films free to stream on this website

https://frenchflicks.com/home.html which is a guide to over 1000 French films available for streaming on Netflix, Amazon, TV5 Monde, You Tube etc.  It also has links to 65 titles to stream free. (more…)

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Today’s Guardian has a good piece on Marseille today: its overview of the city’s culture is underscored with links to books, films and TV series, precious memories for those of us who are, at present, far away from this vibrant city: https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2021/feb/05/marseille-virtual-tour-books-film-food-music-photography

Most visitors to the city will soon feel the passion for the local football team, the legendary Olympique de Marseille.  In fact bars right across Provence are decorated with scarves and mascots in the team’s colours.  But there’s trouble at the Velodrome right now – so much so that it’s knocked the global pandemic off the front pages of La Provence this week, with words like ‘catastrophe’ peppering its prose.  I’d lost the plot so thanks again to the Guardian for sportingly providing a resume today.  https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/feb/03/marseille-title-contenders-chaos-andre-villas-boas-ligue-1

I hope Marseille soon gets back to a team they are proud of….Allez l’OM!

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