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There’s a new exhibition opening this week at MuCEM, but tomorrow they are having a Portes Ouvertes – free entry, music, DJ,  presentation by curators at 5pm.  This special event opens: 16:00 – midnight, Tuesday 21st January.
The exhibition is  « Voyage Voyages » which takes us travelling with Paul Gauguin, Henri Matisse, Marcel Duchamp, Andy Warhol and Richard Baquié, looking at what inspired these artists.  the theme is illustrated by 100 works, paintings, sculptures, photos, videos.General opening 22nd Jan until 4th May.

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Some well-known acts are in the line-up this year for the Festival de Nimes which takes place in the Roman arena, 2000 years old, what a venue!

Newcastle’s finest Sting (more…)

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The Midnight Ramblers who have been covering Stones classics for 25 years will be playing the Salle des Fetes in Nans-les-Pins on Saturday 8th February.

All five musicians are French with an Avignon-born ‘Mick Jagger’ leading the vocals.  Will it be Satisfaction for the crowd?  Will there be Sticky Fingers at the buvette?

Just 10€ a ticket………a memorable evening for all.  Details on the poster.

Thanks to Julia for this info.

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Brits Rock Bouc Bel Air

Rock music from the sixties to today, Mr Brightside to Sympathy for the Devil, will be spilling out of the Jazz Fola club on Sunday 19th January, 18:30-22:00.  The group vocalist, Londoner Richard Seaward, has come to live in Luynes after spending 10 years in Hong Kong.  Passionate about rock music, he has formed the amateur band, UndercoveR, with a fellow-Brit and two Dutch musicians.

One hundred tickets have already been snapped up.

Full details of the gig, with a map, are here: https://quefaire.net/bouches_du_rhone/bouc_bel_air/avant_scene_du_dimanche_undercover_116663016.htm

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The not-to-be-missed traditional Marche des Rois takes place on Sunday 12th January. It’s very well-known locally but if you are new to Aix, do make sure you get into town for this special event.


The procession, headed by the three kings with their camels, makes its way through town and is followed by all  manner of animals and locals dressed as Provencal characters.  It’s always fun, and Aix is usually lucky to have three camels as they are much in demand across the region on this weekend! (more…)

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The world-famous Nice carnival takes place 15-29th February in 2020 and tickets are already on sale.

The theme this year is the World of Fashion – that should inspire some great displays and costumes for this glittering parade.  Programme in English here: http://en.nicecarnaval.com/official-programme

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Coming to MuCEM in 2020

Fabulous, literally….the rooftop at MuCEM

MuCEM has announced its programme for the coming year, chapeau! to them for letting us all know.

One of the major exhibitions will be Pharaons Superstars, 29th April – 17th August which interestingly runs roughly parallel to Pharaon, Osiris et la Momie at Aix’s Musée Granet.  Lots for the Egyptologists in 2020.

Here’s the listing:  Mucem_Expositions_2020_Communique_de_Presse

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