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I was fascinated to learn, when researching my book ‘Aix-en-Provence, the Inside Story’, that the concierge at the Hotel Caumont led a dangerous life, heavily involved with the Resistance, even allowing them to carry out weapons training in the basement.  She was Helene Ardevol and her bravery is commemorated with a plaque beside the main gates.

Visuel : Jeannot Juès et Aimé Ardevol en 1944 sur les marches de l’Hôtel de Caumont – D.R. Photo Odette Ardevol.

On Friday evening, the actions of the Aix Resistance will be the subject of a talk, which will include the testimony of Jean-Marie Juès, one of those young people involved.

Friday 1st Feb, 18:30https://www.caumont-centredart.com/fr/carte-blanche

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IAU College Main Hall 

2bis rue du Bon Pasteur 


Wednesday, 13 February – 6:30pm 

“Human Flourishing: Self-Renewal and  

Exploration of Personal Potential 

Major Hunter Grunden 

United States Air Force 


Tuesday, 19 February – 6:30pm 

Etre étranger: perspectives d’écrivains (in French) 

Dr. Sylvie Requemora-Gros 

Aix-Marseille University 

Wednesday, 27 February – 6:30pm 

The Arc and Power of the Personal Essay  

from Montaigne to Zadie Smith 

Dr. Jennifer Delahunty 

Kenyon College 


Wednesday, 6 March – 6:30pm 

French for the Real World: Addressing the Enrollment Decline 

Dr. Deborah S. Reisinger 

Duke University 


Wednesday, 13 March – 6:30pm 

Cruel Acts with Charitable Intentions:  

the Poetry of Charles Baudelaire 

Dr. John Naughton 

Colgate University  


Tuesday, 9 April – 6:30pm 

“Traduction et Création : Limites et libertés” (in French) 

Dr. Aurore Guitry 

Aix-Marseille University  


Friday, 12 April1:00-5:00pm  

Seminar: “France: What’s in a Brand? 

Student Conference 

School of Business and International Relations 





 Tuesday, 16 April – 6:30pm 

Cannibalism as Necropolitics in Migrant Maghrebi Literature 

Dr. Taïeb Berrada                      

Lehigh University 


Wednesday, 24 April – 6:30pm 

“What is Philosophy?” 

Prof. Robert Duffy                      

Fordham University 


Friday, 26 April1:00-5:00pm  

Seminar: “Is Sustainable Business an Oxymoron? 

Student Conference 

School of Business and International Relations 


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The not-to-be-missed traditional Marche des Rois takes place on Sunday 13th January.parade-for-three-kings-jp


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Sting to Play at Vitrolles

…his only date in the south east of France during his tour. (more…)

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The parade will take place in the cours Mirabeau at 14:30 ie. no activity in the morning.

The meteo forecast for tomorrow (Dec 16th) is rain, but I can’t find any indication of cancellation.  It’s a ceremony dating back to 1256 which celebrates the longest night of the year, as well as Provencal life.  Info:  http://www.aixenprovence.fr/Bravade-calendale-6492  Let’s hope for a dry afternoon to enjoy it!

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Don’t forget the lovely Swedish celebration of  Santa Lucia tonight, 13th Dec, at the Cathedral –  Young Scandinavians process down the darkened aisle creating pools of flickering light with their candles.  Unmissable! 18:00hrs.  Afterwards, spiced wine is served at the Mairie.

Tomorrow sees nationally-renowned Aix pottery Atelier Buffile open a show of their work together with Poteries de Sejnane from Tunisia.  This is a group of 100 potteries, mainly Berber women who have been making kitchen pots and decorative items for generations.  Vincent Buffile went to work with them.  Both his work, their work, and collaborative projects will be on show.  The expo is at the beautiful medieval Cave aux Huiles, another reason to visit!Fri 14-18:00hrs, Sat and Sun 10-18:00hrs.  It is featured in the current issue of Coté Sud – read here: cs-12-2018

And finally there’s the Bravade Calendale on Sunday 16th: This is a Provencal traditional offering ‘la pompe de Noel’ (festive bread) to the town authorities.  Lots of traditional music, Provencal dancers and for some reason Italian flag-throwers. General Instagrammable melée. 11:00 in the cours Mirabeau; 14.30 at Mairie followed by procession through centre ville.


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Aix – Another Closure

This time, in the cours Mirabeau:


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