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There’s a new exhibition opening this week at MuCEM, but tomorrow they are having a Portes Ouvertes – free entry, music, DJ,  presentation by curators at 5pm.  This special event opens: 16:00 – midnight, Tuesday 21st January.
The exhibition is  « Voyage Voyages » which takes us travelling with Paul Gauguin, Henri Matisse, Marcel Duchamp, Andy Warhol and Richard Baquié, looking at what inspired these artists.  the theme is illustrated by 100 works, paintings, sculptures, photos, videos.General opening 22nd Jan until 4th May.

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First there was the Carrieres de Lumieres in an old quarry at Les Baux, then came the Atelier de Lumieres in an old factory in Paris, and now, opening soon, (more…)

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Good news that the Musée Granet have a series of tours in English programmed. (more…)

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Free entry to public museums….

Sunday December 1st.

The Musee des Tapisseries is exhibiting the work of local father (painter Marcel Albert) and son (ceramicist Marc Albert) who used  to be, respectively, a hairdresser and dancer before dedicating themselves to art.  Meanwhile, over at the Pavillon de Vendome, women artists, previous exhibitors, have been invited to return to show new work in ‘Elles reviennent!’

Both museums are open 10-12:30 and 1.30-6.




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What a tonic on such a rainy day to read a little about the treat in store for us this summer, at Aix’s outstanding Hotel Caumont Centre d’Art.  They will be featuring the work of (more…)

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Two Free Shows in Cours Mirabeau

It’s always a pleasure to step out of the bustling Christmas-shopping crowds into a calm space for a little art appreciation before getting on with life – and there are two galleries in the cours Mirabeau with interesting free exhibitions.


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Picasso in Toulon

Finally coming to an end, the Picasso-Mediterranée series of 60 exhibitions. (more…)

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Celebrating 25 years of raising money for charity, La Maison de l’Artisanat are holding their annual art sale – each picture is 20×20 cm, is framed and costs 120 euros.

Profits from the sale of 11 paintings by each of 131 artists go to improving the conditions for children with cancer at Marseille’s La Timone hospital. (Specifically, it’s 40€ from each 120€).

The sale is running until 24th  November at the Maison de l’Artisanat, 21 cours d’Estienne d’Orves, Marseille (a great building, steps away from the Vieux Port).  Details on the poster below and here: https://www.maisondelartisanat.org/expo-en-cours.htm


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Cheval Rouge 1936

Leo Marchutz was a German artist inspired by Cézanne.  He first came to Aix in the summer of 1928 and emigrated here permanently in 1931. For the next three and a half decades, he worked and resided at the Chateau Noir, one of Cézanne’s locations and motifs on the road to Le Tholonet.

If you would like to find out more, this is certainly the week to do so.  Events include:

  • * An exhibition of his lithographies of Venice at the Vincent Bercker Gallery, until 30th November
  • * A Musical Portrait at the Conservatory of Music, texts, his life story accompanied by a quintet, free, 11th Nov
  • * Lecture about the catalogue raisonné currently being compiled, IAU, 6:30pm, 12th Nov
  • * Lecture on the linkages with Cézanne with readings by Anthony Marchutz, Mairie, 6pm, 13th Nov

More here: https://www.leomarchutz.org/leo-martchutz-in-aix-en-provence/

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From the end of this week, the Hotel Caumont Centre d’Art will be ‘turning Japanese’ with an extensive collection of prints, crafted objects, even kimonos.

We can enjoy

  • Hokusai’s ‘Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji’ (1832–1833)
  • ‘The Sixty-Nine Stations of the Kiso Kaidō’ by Hiroshige and Eisen
  • an ensemble—which is unique in France—of Surimono woodblock prints, which will constitute the core of the exhibition. The ukiyo-e, ‘Pictures of the floating world’ in Japanese, represented a new ‘art de vivre’, reflecting the popular pleasures of the Edo period (in ancient Tokyo)

Utagawa Toyohiro, Haru no shin-Fuji (Nouveau Fuji au printemps), signé Toyohiro ga, 1810-1829, nishiki-e, pigment métallique, 21,4 x 18,8 cm shikishiban surimono

This Edo period (from 1603 to 1867) was a time of artistic and cultural effervescence, but coincided with a long period of isolation from outside influence.

The Caumont explains, ‘the Surimono woodblock prints combined figurative compositions with poetic texts. Printed in limited numbers, they were intended for restricted circles of intellectuals or cultural elites. Representing the quintessence of Japanese refinement, these works illustrated the entire range of themes and images that were characteristic of the life and culture of ancient Japan presented in the exhibition: natural motifs and scenes of daily life; the representation of actors performing in the kabuki theatre and the beautiful inhabitants of Yoshiwara; still lifes relating to New Year celebrations; and war and erotic scenes, heroes, and traditional legends.’

When: Friday 8th November – 22nd March 2020.

Cost: full rate = 14€

Note 1  The café will be closed on Thursday 7th.  I wonder if they will have some Japanese treats in store?  Their vegetarian ‘alternative’ has been the same since the centre opened 6 years ago, so let’s hope so.

Note 2 Or you can enjoy one of the Japanese restaurants in Aix beforehand to get you in the oriental mood.  Here’s one I Iike but am sure there are other recommendations: https://aixcentric.com/2019/03/23/a-japanese-jaunt-in-aix/

Note 3 Don’t forget that the Carrieres de Lumieres ‘short’ production features Japan too and is absolutely lovely.

Turning Japanese ? I really think so!








Utagawa Toyohiro, Haru no shin-Fuji (Nouveau Fuji au printemps), signé Toyohiro ga, 1810-1829, nishiki-e, pigment métallique, 21,4 x 18,8 cm shikishiban surimono

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