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Visiting Vasarely

Victor Vasarely was a Hungarian-born artist and designer who spent much time working in Provence. His work encompassed architecture, publicity posters, fashion and even car design, as well as his signature op-art.  There’s still time to get a taste of his work in centre ville,  at the gallery ’21 bis Mirabeau’, just down from Monoprix.  It really is great that we have this little gallery open again, with the two rooms showing 50 works from different periods of Vasarely’s development.  Until 30 Sept, Wed-Sun, 11:30-18:30hrs.

If you like it, why not visit the Fondation Vasarely on the hillside overlooking Aix, beside the A8.   It’s really easy now as the new Aixpress bus stops right outside. The 44 monumental works are fascinating, as is the honeycomb structure of the gallery that houses them.  New to me, since my last visit, is a gallery up the double staircase, illustrating works from different periods.

Plus, currently showing, ‘La Revolution Permanente: Oeuvres Optiques et Cinetiques’,15 works from  the Centre Pompidou, until 20th October. 

This coming weekend is a perfect opportunity to visit the Fondation as there is a full programme of tours, Saturday and Sunday, for the Journees du Patrimoine.  If you have little ones, they may enjoy the programme of events in the October holiday week, aimed at 3+.

Website; https://www.fondationvasarely.org/

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Provencal Painters on View

Good news if you like Provencal art.  There’s an exhibition at the Chateau des Remparts in Trets showing 20 paintings from the collection of the Musée Regards de Provence, in Marseille. Apart from the colourful paintings, the old chateau, carefully restored, is a super venue to visit in the old part of town.  And afterwards why not have a wander round this very typical Provencal town and have a snack at one of the cafés or boulangeries?

And now for something completely different……Gabriel Laurin, 1901-1973, or Gabriel Laurin d’Aix as he called himself, such was his identification with his native town.  What a fascinating life he had, including two highly dangerous years working with the local Resistance.  Read about him here: http://www.gabriellaurin.com/

A small selection of paintings can be seen at the Galerie Vincent Berker, 10 rue Matheron, until 28 September.  (Wed-Fri 15-19hrs; Sat 10-12.30….15-19hrs).  Among them is his ‘Nu a la Sainte-Victoire’ – I wonder why this wasn’t included in the current display of Sainte-Victoire paintings at the Granet?  He seems to be an interesting personality and artist, worth investigating!


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Chateau La Coste continues its engagement with challenging modern art, currently showing work by the late US artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, as well as 31 years of pictures by Japanese painter Yoshitomo NaraIt opened back in August and I was sorry to miss the vernissage.  Which was attended by Bono, Bradley Cooper, and Basquiat’s two sisters – darn! (more on summer celebs in vineyards at the end of the post….) (more…)

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This Sunday in Le Tholonet

La Route Cézanne, the twisty country road that the painter used to take from Aix to paint the Sainte-Victoire, is the only road in France that is listed as a historical monument.  It used to be closed for two afternoons a year for pedestrians and cyclists to enjoy – and it was great fun to cycle along without the fear of traffic — but that won’t happen any more.  Why? (more…)

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A cartoon-based gastro-guide in Aix

An olive-based trail in Marseille’s Panier


Graeco-Roman Banquets in Marseille’s Jardin des Vestiges



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Here are two exhibitions to enjoy, both opening soon in Aix.  (more…)

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Just a reminder that the public museums are free-entry tomorrow (a chance to see three Cézanne Sainte-Victoires in town together at the Granet before the expo ends 29th September.)

It’s also the monthly book-market in the Place de l’Hotel de Ville, as well as the annual Blessing of the Calissons – see poster and link for details:  http://www.benediction-calisson.com/benediction-24.html

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